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2 basic choices for skis - help

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Im buying a new set of skis, but I need some help.

My Specs:
5'4" @ 160 lbs athletic
Expert level skier
current ski - Salomon 9e2s Pr5 - 197cm
terrain I ski:
70-80% bumps (zipper line)
20-30% bowls, chutes, trees
Alberta/BC Rockies
~30 days/year

Im looking for a real ripper of a ski, something I can charge the whole mountain hard with. Current ski is good for high speed cruising, but as per above terrain, Im looking for something different, too long/hard for bumps but doable...

I think I have 2 choices:
1.)super slalom carver -recreational
2.)midfat all mountain

1.)choices here are
K2 Mach S
Rossignol Viper S
What Lenght ? Im thinking 160-167. Charts show closer to 160 but I think that is just crazy short, leaning more to 167??...

2.)choices here are
Atomic 10.20
Dynastar 69c
K2 Axis X
Ross Bandit X
What length> Im thinking 170ish - but some charts say up to mid 180's - I'd like more manuverable

Interested in Dynastar 69c reviewers say almost more of an intermediate (concern), but softer flex should be great in bumps as compared to others??

So these are my 2 choices - midfat or - rec sl..

What are your thoughts??

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Jeff, if you were looking for TWO pairs of skis, this would be easier. Since you are looking for a mogul ski that also skis bowls, chutes and trees, this gets more difficult. Although I really enjoyed the Dynastar Intuitiv 69c when I demoed it a few weeks ago, it may be less suitable for a skier of your expeerince and abilities. They have a new model coming out, but you can't buy it at retail now - so if you can wait, you may be happier with the Dynastar Intuitiv 71, which is slightly fatter than the 69c but just about as nimble [at least that's my own opinion]. However, considering your ability and chosen terrain, you may want to consider the Volkl Carver Motion and its midfat sibling, the Volkl Vertigo Motion. I'm sure other will have their own suggestions posted soon, but please try to demo these Volkls in 177 cm, ask the sals personnel about them, and let us know what you think.
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Axis X or Mach S. Your choice. You won't be sorry with either one. If your forays into powder are fewer, go with the Mach S. If your forays into bumps are fewer, go with the Axis X.

Oh, and you can ski them in the shorter lengths circa 170cm.
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