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A few more dragged off a Thredbo newsletter released yesterday.







I love this next shot.



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Looking good, looking good. Nice photos.
Originally Posted by sinbad7 View Post

There might not be much to write about in coming days as we have a monstrous high sitting over south east Australia, blocking all the cold fronts and deflecting them in the direction of New Zealand. With any luck they'll be of some use over there.
That is, in fact, what has happened - temps are back down enough for snowmaking plus there's been some natural snowfall to help replace what go rained off. It has snowed the last two nights, ranging from 5cms to 30cms+ depending on which skifield and what elevation.

The weather is looking not so great for opening weekend, and the weather is predicted to really pack it in next week.

I'm planning to head up on Saturday/Sunday, and I will do my best to provide pics but be warned I am a talentless hack when it comes to taking photos.
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Today was a no-go at Cardies - wind hold then shut by 11am. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly better. I don't know whether that will be enough - if the winds stick to the forecast it will be touch and go in the morning.
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Has been raining a little of late.  The rain will turn to snow tomorrow as the weather swings to the south - maybe 10 - 20cm up high.  A little more snow is predicted as a system arrives early next week.  To get the Supertrail open we're really hanging on for good snow making weather, which hasn't really been happening of late.


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Here's one off the Thredbo FB page.


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Aussie's loss has been our gain - we've been seeing a little snow here and there in the evenings, fortunately without any rain up high, plus tomorrow and Friday are predicted to really dump on inland Otago in particular - the Met service is talking 70-100cms at 700m altitude. If that forecast is even half accurate this weekend could be fantastic.

Also: Remarkables have failed to have their shiny new base building ready for opening on Saturday, here's a video announcing it. Remarkables passholders can ski at Coronet starting tomorrow until the new building is done.
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Cardrona reporting a metre of new snow over the last 48 hours and still snowing. Treble Cone and some others probably got more. A very, very good start.

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Lots of snow all over the place (40cms on the road in Methven), avy danger is high.
  • Coronet Peak: 45cms in the last 48 hours, although realistically that is drift depth on the upper half of the mountain. Actual snow fall is probably more like 25cms.
  • Remarkables: 80cms yesterday, plus some snowfall overnight and probably more today. Bet they're mad their base building isn't done yet.
  • Cardrona: at least 40cms yesterday, 60cms overnight, total of 70cms fresh at White Star drive station and 1m+ higher up.
  • Treble Cone: 40-60cms yesterday, with another 65cms last night.
  • Mt Hutt: 1.2m in the last 48 hours.
  • Porters: over 1m, opening is delayed because they can't get to the base building safely.
  • Cragieburn: 1m+
  • Misc. other clubfields: No data yet, probably also 1m+, better wait for things to calm down before we start digging out the tows.

I think Canterbury fields probably got a bit more out of this than the Southern Lakes - the intense part of the stormfront spent more time there.

Cragieburn Range avy advisory (all of Canterbury is more or less the same) yesterday evening:

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Originally Posted by 2meke View Post

Cardrona reporting a metre of new snow over the last 48 hours and still snowing. Treble Cone and some others probably got more. A very, very good start.

Just saw this on Unofficial Networks 


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Getting a solid early season base laid down in one storm is pretty awesome.  Nothing like going from WROD to 100% open in a few days.  :D

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You getting after this dump
We got plenty of practice at Targhee

Go flatten it down for them will ya
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Queenstown looking a picture

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Amazing start to the season,eh ?? 

Mt Hutt had 1.2 metres in 24 hrs!!

It was supposed to dump mainly on  Queenstown and then it moved north to Mt Hutt

Avalanches all over the place.It's shut because of it.  

It's a pity  it's a 3 1/2  boat trip and then a five hr drive to get there  from my place!!

The same storm has actually produced rain on my home mountain ,Turoa,and washed a bit of our early snow away and we only had 45cms to start with,we need 2 mts to get going

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Ouch!  At least it's been cold and they've made some snow.  On the other hand they're predicting rain mid-week.



I'm starting to get concerned about having enough snow for the Thredbo demo weekend on 11 and 12 July. 

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Can anyone comment on the Hilton in Queenstown?  Good place?  Good area?  Ok location for Coronet Peak and Cardrona?



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@Mike78 I'm a pleb, so I can't speak for your expectations of price to quality ratio, but I would say it's pretty nice, I haven't heard anything bad about it as an establishment from aynone who works there etc, and in terms of location, it's not actually in Queenstown itself...

  • Pretty close to the airport (approx. 5 minute drive)
  • Close to the Remarkables, which is opening on Saturday (approx 2 minutes to the bottom of the access road).
  • Further from Coronet Peak than Queenstown proper - maybe 10 minutes extra driving if you don't go through town, 15 if you do... normally avoiding town would be better but right now it is hard to say which will have more frustrating traffic because there are road works/restrictions between Frankton and Glenda Dr in place. Going through town would provide more options for picking up or dropping off gear.
  • Marginally closer to Cardrona than Queenstown proper, compared to the overall length of that trip. It is further than from Wanaka but still very achievable. I drove over at the weekend in a 2WD in icy conditions, took me 1h20 from Frankton to the Cardrona base building and more like 1h40 on the way back (traffic). Those times include fitting and removing chains on the Cardrona access road, which is seldom necessary for a 4WD but much more conditions dependent for a 2WD.
  • Nice lakefront spot, pretty isolated, quiet, and expensive in terms of neighbourhood.
  • If you want to eat out (other than at the hotel restaurant), go to bars/clubs, or do other apre-ski stuff you will probably have to drive to town (unless they run the water taxi at night - not sure about that). Obviously that's less convenient than walking.
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Thanks a bunch for the response.  Well my plan was to use my points for the Hilton but I think I will continue to research options.  Do you think Wanaka would be a better option?   Nightlife is not a priority at all.  Decent restaurants would be good.  Right now I'm thinking bringing boots but rent renting skis.


Thanks again

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Wanaka is fairly quiet but Treble Cone has the best skiing of the 4 Southern lakes areas.  Queenstown is still a unique resort town not to be missed especially coming from far away.  I would rent a car and divide the time between Wanaka and Queenstown, as I did in 1997.

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Originally Posted by Tony Crocker View Post

...Queenstown is still a unique resort town not to be missed especially coming from far away...


I haven't skied in NZ, but I did spend a week touring around the south island in the spring a few years ago, and Queenstown was my favorite place that we stayed (among Christchurch, Queenstown, Te Anau, and Dunedin). 

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@Mike78 Wanaka is much smaller than Queenstown. It's much closer to Treble Cone, and a bit closer to Cardrona.

Queenstown gives you more flexibility in terms of ski fields, and is worth a visit for its own sake. Since you'd like decent restaurants, there are plenty downtown Queenstown. Most of them don't strictly require bookings, but wait times for walk-ins can be pretty atrocious so I thoroughly recommend booking regardless.
I won't say there are no good restaurants in Wanaka, but I would lump most places there squarely into "middle of the road" territory.
I wouldn't recommend staying in Wanaka unless you want to commit to only skiing Cardrona and Treble Cone. The trip from Wanaka to Remarkables or Coronet is considerably longer than Queenstown to Cardrona because Cardrona is nearly halfway between Wanaka and Queenstown.

Bringing boots and hiring skis is a good plan - you can rent decent skis easily. The main exception is Kastle - they are practically non-existent in NZ.
In Queenstown, you have Browns Ski Hire, Outside Sports, Small Planet, and a whole heap of other places to choose from for renting gear. I'm not sure how the pricing compares between shops, but Browns have a good workshop. The one place that I know of in Frankton (near the Hilton) is Outdoor World.
In Wanaka, Racers Edge, Mountain Outdoors, and Outside Sports are the three main (and best) options.

Treble Cone is (IMO) the best ski area in the whole South Island when conditions are good (i.e. when they have a proper base plus some fresh), but I would rather ski nearly anywhere else when it's skied out, there hasn't been any new snow in more than a week, or when coverage is poor.
Today is their first day of the season, and they're starting with a pretty good base thanks to that dump last week, like everywhere else.
The access road is pretty poor for a mainstream resort but not really that bad overall. It's about an hour and half in good conditions from Queenstown to Treble Cone (by good conditions I mean a clear road, no ice, no messing around with chains).
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Agree with all that Yoichi said. The two towns have really different vibes -


Wanaka is much quieter (but not necessarily less crowded) and you will have much greater choice for eating out in Queenstown. Wanaka has some great day time / coffee options, but it is more limited for evening dining (although we don't normally eat out in the evenings in Wanaka, places tend to be crowded so service is rushed or you're waiting until 9pm for a table and value for money is not always great). That said, when we are down that way we stay in Wanaka.


It also depends on what time of the season you are coming - we are still really early season, and what else (if anything) you want to do. Queenstown is a better location for accessing other activities.


If you are in Wanaka, Racers Edge is also known as Torpedo7 and Base does demos as well (the choice may come down to brand). I would get what you want in town, there aren't really demo options on mountain as far as I'm aware.

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Nice to see a good start in NZ.  Congrats to the folk at The Remarkables and their new base building.  It looks very impressive, gang.


I think I'm safe in saying Australia is having a slow start.  There's skiing available, on man made snow, and only on certain parts of the hill, but the rest of the place looks like this.



CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 70


The next week or so will be good for snow making - cold, clear night temps and relatively dry in terms of humidity.  There's also a small system expected later next week which could bring 20cm or so.  


My main focus is on getting enough snow for Thredbo's demo weekend (11 & 12 July) to be worthwhile.  I've gone from wanting it to come quickly to now wanting more time for some snow to accumulate.  Right now I'll be happy just to be skiing top to bottom on the Supertrail.


edit - perhaps there will be a demo tent with some of these ... :rolleyes


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Thank you everyone for the responses.  Huge help for me.  Truly appreciated.



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Sorry, couldn't save the image but lots more goodness in the forecast. Good weather site for snow forecasting too.

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The green dot shows Thredbo.  



We need a base-building system, but there isn't one in the forecast.  A little snow may fall at the back end of this week, but it's not going to be enough to open the hill.  Cold and clear nights mean the snow guns are pumping, and there's a chance the Supertrail will be open (in some shape or other) late this week.


[edit - it's also about eight degrees C on the hill down there today ... ouch!]



"One sign of the paucity of snow can be seen at Spencers Creek, near Charlotte Pass, where it is expected that there will be no snow cover at the start of July for the first time since observations began at the site in 1957."




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It was pedal to the metal yesterday.  Snow guns pumping to get the Supertrail open for the weekend.  They groomed the whales that had been sitting in Valley Terminal, which was promising ...


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 70


... lo and behold, an inch or two of snow arrived today.  The guns are on again this evening and they may just get the Supertrail happening for Saturday.  That's progress.


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 70


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It's been cold and dry, but there's snow in the forecast.  If the snow forecast for next weekend actually happens then it's good news, we'll be down there.



" Sydney's run of exceptionally chilly mornings could become the city's coldest spell in more than three decades, and a return to milder conditions may be weeks away ... four days in a row of temperatures of 6.2 degrees or cooler.  That's the longest run of such days for Sydney in 17 years and Tuesday morning is a chance to make it five days - a stint not seen since 1983 ... 


While strong, the recent cold front brought only a dusting of about five to 10 centimetres of snow to the alpine resorts.  Still, that snow has delivered some cheer to ski operators relying on the snow guns to keep runs open.  Much better prospects, though, are in store for late next weekend or early next week, when a much more powerful front moves across southern Australia ... "



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Torah Bright gets her shred on.  I've not ever met her - perhaps this year since she's become a Thredbo ambassador - but she seems genuinely lovely.


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Ding, ding!  We have a "season starter" arriving for the weekend.  We'll be down there from Friday morning.




" This almost seems too good to be true, somebody pinch me. That low that’s due to arrive on Friday morning will make its presence known with a reasonable dose of snow above mid-mountain. Following that, the action really begins on Saturday, with blizzard conditions and about 20-30cm of fresh by Sunday morning. A nice south-westerly keeps things cold for the next few days as the low moves into the Tasman. By Monday this low will be spinning its way across to New Zealand, dragging plenty more cold air and moisture up across the south-east.

So what kind of totals can we expect? I’m sticking with between 50-70cm from Friday to Tuesday. Should make for some awesome conditions next week. Rug up out there, it’s going to get cold! "



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