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Last one.  This is Mario on our recent weekend, skiing Karels and hitting the last of the 'good' lifted terrain this season.  A great shot from Phil.



That's all folks!  Enjoy your season to come.

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Made a final dash up to Mt Ruapehu on Thursday. Typical spring conditions pretty crusty in the morning, awesome for an hour or two, pretty slushy and cut up in the afternoon. Crowds weren't too bad, just the run home was at walking pace because it was so rough and full of people who had stopped or fallen. First time staying at the Chateau was nice though [IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Well,spring skiing is well under way at Turoa

Wednesday the temperature was 12 degrees in the carpark and 7 degrees at the top

Thursday the field was closed due to bad weather so it was out for on the mountain bike for a ride on the Old Coach Road from Horopito to Ohakune

Friday Saturday and Sunday the temps were hanging around 5-6 degrres at the top and 10-12 celcius at the base

All areas up top were skiing really well,we spent the mornings carving up the great grooming on Little Bowl ,Big Bowl, Bread Run ,Raceline and Branchline

When the snow released around lunchtimes ,it became a case of go ski wherever you wanted,find some lines between the groomers and go for it,not something we can always do due to the hard pack (ice), that regularly sits between the runs at Turoa


The Triangle ,Glacier ,Solitude ,Limit and outer Limit were like  smooth flat silky carpets

Any run below the the bottom of the High Noon Express did tend to get a bit sticky ,so it was best to stay above the bottom of the Giant chair

On Sunday I had the best skiing ever on the huge unanmed face south of The Glacier.(The Glacier,while very easily accessed and easy to get out of is classified backcountry) It was a bit of a traverse to get there  but once again it was untouched sun kissed freshies. I've never skiied it before,but when the conditions are right I will return .Thanks for taking me out there Johnno !!  ( I wouldn't advise going out there unless you have a very trustable and knowledgeable guide)  


We've still got a 2.7 mt base ,which we need to cover all the volcanic rocks,but sadly the season closes Oct 26


Looking up towards Snowbird , Little Bowl and the top of our active vulcano,Mt Ruapehu   (Roo a pay who)


Skiiers dropping into the backcountry Glacier run 

I was probably 600mts away

The main part of Turoa is behind the ridge above the skiers


 All this to ourselves out on a face south of The Mangaehuehu Glacier with Girdlestone Peak in the background


A group of friends out on Limit ,backcountry west of Turoa ski field. Temperature approx 4-8 deg celcius Notre


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Turoa is still holding on to winter even though we are three weeks into spring

Went there on Friday for the day and all I heard from others up there was the old  "you should have been here yesterday"

Yeah yeah,I know

Warm temperatures ,bluebird days 3-5  deg C at the top  first thing, combined with cool breezes is keeping the top groomer runs in great condition with off piste runs releasing around 12-1 p.m

We pretty much are just riding the High Noon and Nga Wai Heke chair , running the Glacier,Triangle ,Hamiltons,Muzza Zone and the Cinch to avoid going near having to ride the Giant  or Movenpick Chairs, as down lower is another story,very sticky and hard work

Great conditions with a serious lack of people up there is making for some awesome last days of the season

At the six seater you can just about wait inside the building for your mates to join you,and you wont be in anyones way!!




Both Turoa  ( 261 cm base) and Whakapapa (263 cm base ) close next Monday 26 October and unbelievably there is snow in the forecast over the next couple of days

Not much,but it could yet still  be freshies right till the bitter end

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Hey boys, how'r ya doin.


2016 Winter for Aus

about 3 weeks to official start.


Vibe is up, ground is cooling.

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Originally Posted by PolePlanted View Post

Hey boys, how'r ya doin.


2016 Winter for Aus

about 3 weeks to official start.


Vibe is up, ground is cooling.

Glad to hear a new season is about to start!  For the 2016 season, here's the place to go:




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