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Has anyone ever modified their boots?

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I have these technica boots that have a nice fit but I am not "comfotable" with how high it comes in the back, in terms of knee injuries.

So I'm thinking...

What if I just cut them down a bit?

There is a piece of plastic at the back of the boots that's just a hair under 3/4 of an inch that looks like it would lend itself well to being cut off in the sense that it doesn't look like it's removal would have any impact on any other part of the boot, in terms of function.

But, since I can always cut but I can never UNcut, I figured I'd seek some input first.
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I've done some boot "customization" before.. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

What Tecnicas do you have? I'm skiing on Tecnica Icon X but I haven't had to touch these babys.. Except for a little footbed / canting stuff.

It is true that some boots do come up higher than others, however I don't think I'd be too anxious to cut them down using knee injury prevention as the only motive. Whatever boots you have were engineered to hold your leg the way they do, and messing with them may cause adverse effects. For instance, by cutting material away from the back of the boot you may actually increase the ease at which you fall backwards in a crash situation (from reduced support) and that could possibly increase the chance of getting a knee injury. I'm not saying that I'm necessarily correct (with my little example), I'm just saying that although boot customization "for fit" gets a [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] , screwing with the actual design of the boot without really knowing how it will affect the boot dynamic is perhaps not the best idea.

Personally, if you have concerns about fall back knee injuries, I would suggest getting a binding with full backward directional release properities (like tyrolias or something). Hope this helps..

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I have done quite a bit of boot mods in the last six years. I have cut down the upper cuff before, quite sucessfully. I did that to a pair of Head WCs I used for a season. Customizing ski boots is often needed in order to get them to work well for the individual. It is a very unfortunate fact that sometimes the booth that fits a person's foot quite well, will be the a lousy boot for one's skiing. Every boots hit everybody differently, so every case has to be taken on it's own. Have you removed the spoilers yet? That's a often a good first step, before chopping the upper cuff. Maybe have someone who knows their stuff look at your fit and stance. Unfortunatly, those people are rare. I have a pair of Icons I hope to use this season, and I am definatly considering cutting the height down a bit, but not in front. Everybody has different needs in different boots.
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I have cut the back cuff on my boot down quite successfully with a couple of boots and for a couple of customers. Being a female we have slightly lower calf muscles which is why womens boots are made a little lower at the back. But most womens boots are too soft with too many walk functions, extra padding etc, so I get guys boots and cut the back down a little.

But if you are worried about injury I would agree with the other guy who said just make sure you have bindings that allow full backward release.
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Cutting the back of the boot (or removeing the spoiler)is going to let you stand up more up right or accomadate a lowercalf (like women). Tecnica boots have different inclines , depending on the model , the more inclined forward , the more advanced the boot , to keep you over the tips.So you might look for a lowere end boot or one of thier models that have an adjustible lean , if that does not solve the problem (no offense intended)then you might go to a womens boot that has a lower cuff , due to the lowerinsert of the calf , which I run into with shorter guys with big calfs or "short working cowboys"
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Powder -

I'm in Technica Rival 9X HVL's on Marker 8.1 & 3.1 bindings.


Heli -

I wonder if it's the spoiler I was thinking of removing.
It looks like a seperate piece of plastic at the back of the boot, all the way up top.


Bec/Donda -

I do have a relatively short leg with a large, low calf.
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Sounds like spoiler. These are easy to take of, and put back on. The Rivals are rivited, so you have grind , and pop them, but if you decide you want to put them back it is real easy to rerivet them, or screw rivet them.
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By the way, I belive I removed the Rival spoiler from every pair I sold last year.
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I'm not familiar with that particular Technica model, but many of them have similar features. On some Technica models the rear spoiler is removable and the boots come with interchangable high and low spoilers. Take a look at the spare parts that came with the boot which may include a lower spoiler. The spoiler is held in place by a small screw which is accessible when the liner is removed. Some other Technica models came with a removable shim that fits in the back of the shell to increase forward lean. If you have this design removing the shim may help. I don't think that it would do any harm to remove the spoiler entirely, but I'd think twice before taking a hacksaw to the shell.

Hope this helps.

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