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Italy-Tonale 04/21-24

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Wish I was.
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Italy-Tonale 04/21-24

Plan is to be there after Easter. If weather is nice and if I find a bed for the nights I plan to stay there until thursday.
Anyone out there heading the same direction?
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April 21, weather was so-so, sunny at times, cloudy at others, with a little snowfall in the middle...
The previous day it had really snowed, since I found the glacier covered in knee-deep new snow.
Unusually, the pistes had not been groomed, leaving the fields open for a fun that I did not had for years...
I paid dearly for such fun. At every run stars were lighning up in my eyes...
And then, with the day progression, moguls! At last!
Everytihng came with a price, thought. By 15.00 I was spent.
I managed to put in another two/three runs (which, with the cable car working every 30 minutes, meant one hour), by then I was not feeling very well, and decided to call it a day. Weather forecast for today and tomorrow was not good, so I decided to
drive home.

Tonale glacier, the two anchorsare in the middle of the runs

Down the "Gran Paradiso" run, which brings back to the pass from the glacier

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The pictures don't come in. All that's there is a box with an x in it. Am I doing something wrong?
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Slatz, try to see one at a time: take the red x where the picture should be, right click, select "properties", copy the url
and past it in a new window.
I can see the pics all right...
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April 24th.
Got reinforcements in the person of my uncle Giovanni, and after two days rest at home, we headed toward the Tonale runs again.
Blue sky day! Perfect snow (for end of April)
Skied from 09.00 until 14.00, then, tired but happy, we drove back home.
Will post links to picture only, since I have not resized the pictures, yet.

Cable car and Paradiso run from above, in the background the other runs of the Tonale resort...
Skiing down the Paradiso run
Two (Uncle Giovanni and me) happy, albeit tired, guys:
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