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Originally posted by jyarddog:
Hey BadRat- I resemble that remark! [img]smile.gif[/img]
I was talkiing 'bout your driving, not your skiing.
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BadRat- What's the dif? bwahahaha!
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Just got back from Mt.Bachelor. Excellent! Knee deep powder and a handful of out of towners. Light winds and 25 degrees. Great coverage too you could ski anywhere. What a great ending to this ski season. Can hardly wait till next year when the first snowfall dusts the Cascades. See you guys Saturday.
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It'll be a doggie-downer in mt. Hood's Cascade Cement after Bachelor's sugar powder, but it'll be a puppy-upper to meet everyone.
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Did a turn over Hood this morning(Friday)it was 19 degrees and clear. What a sight as the sun rose to see Da Hood towering in front of a Bluebird sky from the high desert with a plentful coating of snow on it. As the 40 ton monster pierced the cold early morning silence of the mountains I thought to myself tomorrow about this time and place I'll be headed to Meadows to ski. Oh Yeah [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Okay, it's Friday night and I plan to be at Meadows at 8 am. tomorrow morning. Ski with you guys on Saturday instead of myself on Sunday. Yellow parka and black pants. Unless I forget the parka like last time. Who's there?
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2 Bend skiers will be in front of the ticket office at 8.
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Showed up about 8:10A and hung around 'til 8:15 just in case. On my own the whole day. Four Bowl looked nice, but I was taken out by frozen bump buried under the 5-6 inches of freshies. Spent most of the day off Shooting Star, doing the trees between O-Ring , 3-D, and Rock Garden. Went over to Heather and skied the area around Half-Moon, Memorial Bowl was sketch. My left hind-paw is sore, I need to run more.

Slatz & Mrs. Slatz, hope that you had a great day and a great trip to Oregon!
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We must have been missing you all day BR! Slider, Mat and I waited until 8:10 by the ticket clock and headed up then got seperated at two bowl when I took a tumble (or two). We were at all the right places but just seemed to miss catching you. A big thanks to Mat and Slider for shareing so many good runs...lots of fun guys. Looking forward to next year.
Raymond [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The only way I can describe today at Meadows is EPIC
Thanks Ryel for a great ski day and showing us around your hill.
It seemed everyone on the hill today was having a wonderful time and in good spirts. To bad we all didn't hook up but you know what they say,"There are no friends on powder days." Pictures to follow.
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Only time we had to take pictures was at lunch,tooo much powder.

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We're so sorry guys.... We got a late start. Pat and Sue and I got up there around 10:30. I took them over to Shooting Star area. Everyhwere we went I made a fool of myself yelling out, "Epicski.com!" Ryel... BadRat!" Some guys answered just to mess with me. we stood at the top of Quad for a bit to see if we could catch anyone.

We finally went the other direction and went down ridge run, stopped at Two bowl. Slatz and I both wanted to run two bowl but it was starting to get heavy and his wife was with us. We didn't want to leave her by herself. Had a great time, however, and broke for lunch around 12 in the bar area. We walked all over the bar looking for everyone while I spoke rather load enough about Epic ski so people at the tables could hear me... hoping someone would say, "Hey".

After lunch back outside for more of the same... had great runs, great turns, even through Cascade cement. cascade opened, we took it. Heavy on top but was great and got better down lower. We left about 2:45-3. Got home, fired up my 3 burner b-b-que and did some great steaks.

Sorry for missing y'all. Slatz's plane got in at 9:30, got to the house late. Had to get good sleep, got a late start. Glad to hear everyone had a great time. maybe we can do Timberline in a week or two since Meadows closes after today.
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Bad Rat and Ryel--
I don't know how I missed you guys. I was also running 10-15 minutes late for the 8 am rendezvous. Of course, I did the Deer Valley thing and bought my lift ticket inside at the concierge desk, standing in ski boots on an Oriental carpet (no lines, either). I hope my style point didn't cost me catching up with you guys. A good day for skiing wasn't it.

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Certainly was a great day. Sorry we missed everyone. By the time we hit the sack it was pretty late and 6:00 came way too early.
Skiing was pretty good though, even saw the sun in the afternoon. Meadows is a great place. Heather Canyon looks like Rendevous Bowl at Jackson from the top.(next time)
That's going to be it until July I guess.

[ April 30, 2003, 08:19 AM: Message edited by: SLATZ ]
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Dat's it until July? Not unless you two can sneak away again very soon. We will always have those yogert pretzels waiting.
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Bad Rat- Ryel Anyone here,
Upfor Sunday at T-Line?
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Hi OR Bears,
I'm in Salem now, can't make it on Sunday the 4, but how about next weekend, maybe Saturday the 10th?

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Both times are good for me. Can/t do this Saturday .... wife roped me into helping with yardwork. Sink into suburbia time I guess.

This Sun. and next Sat. or Sun. also. I'll see what I can get away with.

Life's a game..... skiing is serious business! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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