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Cat Skiing in Montana

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Anyone have any info on this cat skiing outfit?
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I think there is a thread on them from either last season or the one before. I haven't heard anything negative.
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The bar for advance reserving cat skiing is much higher than for resort skiing.   This operation likely has similar altitude (no more than 7,000 feet and minimal above tree line) and snowfall (~300 inches) to Big Red across the border in Canada.  Terrain may be great but preservation of powder snow since the last dump may not be.  


If you're in the area and know recent weather has been cooperative, go for it.

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There are a fair number of videos on You Tube, including these from January of this year:
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I'm sure sibhusky knows that post-January the number of days cat skiing would have been worthwhile in her region were few and far between. 


We all know 2014-15 was not a good year, but my advice stands to avoid committing serious $$$ far in advance to cat skiing in that climate zone.

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Oh, I admit that. Was just showing their terrain. Personally, I have no experience with them, and, given the lack of crowds here, can't see the point of paying to take what is essentially a slower lift taking you up essentially the same mountain range. IMO, the terrain in those videos is extremely similar to stuff at the resort, or in resort side country. Just different trees. But then, I'm a cheapskate.
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And I will also note that Liz and I had a very nice powder day Feb. 28, 2013 at Wild Horse Snowcat across the border.  We reserved that the day before at the standby rate of $275.  Just in time, as it rained at nearby Red Mt. the next day.

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Thanks a lot, you two. I have a crew of 5-6 with whom I take an annual trip and we're thinking about a Fernie/Whitefish combo.
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With the current El Nino forecast, I'd wait a couple months before booking anything. Last year was no world beater. And the El Nino expected didn't actually show. If this one does, we could have an even worse year, like 09-10. You want to come here in a La Nina year.
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Yup - probably waiting until January + a 10-day forecast to attempt to "buy" at least a good base of snow. Can't really predict weather unless booking less than 10 days, but understanding the season's weather pattern is key.
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I've had pretty good success booking Southwest into GEG and just winging it,  in January.  You can do a bunch of different loops, depending on the conditions.

Having another cat op, just adds to your options.

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I've had pretty good success booking Southwest into GEG and just winging it,  in January.  You can do a bunch of different loops, depending on the conditions.

+1  In 2014 a couple of acquaintances flew into GEG for a 4-day weekend, and skied powder for the first 3 days at Lost Trail and Discovery in western Montana because they left their options open to the last minute.  Meanwhile I was at the end of my annual Canadian trip, under subzero Arctic high pressure across the border.   We met up on the last day for all of us at Lookout Pass for more powder on the way back to Spokane.

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