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Portillo, August 2-9, 2003

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Who's in? Maybe an SAA, "South America Academy?"

I've never been there. I know a bunch of folks that have worked there. I can't wait. I'll get my 50th day on Saturday. Now I have to stay in ski shape through the spring and summer.

I booked it through the link at the bottom of the page with Moguls. They have been a great help for us.

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You'll love Portillo.

I like to go the week the rates go down from high season to the lower category, usually last wknd. in August.

Make sure you hook up with a ski school group, as the instructors will get you into all of the good off-piste. If possible, get into Robin's group, she usually handles advanced/experts. She's also married to ski school director Mike Rogan, so behave.

The food, aaaaahhhhhh. Don't skip meals, they're to die for!
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Thanks for the advice. I hope the meals don't weigh me down too much. I plan to take a few meals in the cafeteria to fraternize the the ski instructors. Where's the untracked? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

I'll me skiing on my birthday. How cool can that be in August?

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