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Mammoth, May 3, 4, 5

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Wanna race from the top of Cornice to the Stump Alley chair? Bring it!!! (I'll watch.)

Join me and that crazy cat Miles at one of the truly greats. Never can predict how it'll be but last year, same time, defined sublime. (Spring corn, that is.) Cloudless skies, no lines to speak of. The beauty of the eastern Sierras. (And remember, Robin, the guys in the chairs with the breakfast beers are US.) A classic season-closing ski weekend.

Think about it.

from the top...

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Hve you set a meeting place and time??? I will be there with my son but would like to meet with you guys.
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Stump Alley, mornings, 9-ish. I'll stick my skis (ALL WHITE WITH ALTA STICKERS ON TIPS, BLUE BASES) in the snow, where parking lot approaches Stump chair. Be on that chair the first few runs, at least.

Also, black pants, VERY yellow shell, goofy black helmet. feel free to yell.

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Keep an eye on his hands.

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IF you can.
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I'll have silver pants, a black jacket, black helmet with an epicski sticker, and either Chubbs or Rossi 9s shorty slaloms. And a wife on Volants.

edit: removed some silliness.

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At 9 am?
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I will be at the base of Stump at 9 am Monday. Blue Jacket, orange pants, black helmet, and Seth Pistols.
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I should be there Black pants, blue jacket, Black Helmet with a visor... Pocket Rockets...could be a spring powder day.
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Hey guys, sorry I missed you. I did not get onto the snow until 9:30. I kept my eyes open, but never saw any bears. Mammothcruzer said you may make it one more time this year. Keep me posted. The skiing was pretty darn good huh? There have been lots of days like tha lately.
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sorry we missed and yes, it was good. maybe next time. thanks for the cruzing, 'cruzer; always nice to put a face to another bear's name.
if the pics i took, took, a few photos later.

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that time of year again. miles and i are looking at second weekend in may. there may even be a mystery guest out from colorado 'cause, big as the Big Show is, it ain't mammoth.

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