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Waxing Research: Survey

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Hi everyone, I'm helping out with a research project that is looking into waxing of ski/boards. If you guys could fill out this survey it would be a great help.



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Your idea of slight price increase is way different than mine. $50 would more than double my expenses for a year.
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Question 10 -- It's not that I'm anti-tech (quite to the contrary, actually), but I wouldn't pay more to wax less because waxing only takes me maybe 30 minutes max for every 12-ish hours spent skiing. Marginal gains, and I actually enjoy the downtime that waxing entails. 


Not sure what the point of your survey is, TBH.

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mod note - survey is approved


user note - I ski AND snowboard

I wax my gear to take proper care of my equipment vs to go faster. The base on an unwaxed ski or board wears faster and thus becomes more difficult to turn. The idea is that the gear becomes easier to control (i.e. go faster or slower).

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The last question didn't really work for me because I wax my skis to feed my bases, not win races.

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I also ski and board.


I wax my skis and boards so the 'run' better. However on the runs I spend most of my time turning to slow down.


Waxed skis and boards turn more easily.

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Clearly designed as market research for a new product that the OP is developing or helping the manufacturer.


Not a good survey, don't know why it was approved, hopefully they paid epic something as it is business research, not a school project.

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