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sol bright vs alta snowbird

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I am trying to decide if it would be better to get a solbright or altasnowbird season pass next year. I like the idea of night skiing at brighton and I would like to give terrain park a shot, and I have skied solitude for a long time so I am comforatable there, but I think alta and snowbird are better mountains in general.
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Once the dust has settled from all the other comparisons,the trees at Brighton are the tie breaker for me.

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also, im curious if a sol-bright pass includes the benefits of solitudes and brightons pass and same for alta snowbird
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Originally Posted by sam44 View Post

also, im curious if a sol-bright pass includes the benefits of solitudes and brightons pass and same for alta snowbird

With the new owners at Solitude this season I suspect you'll have to wait till August to see what they have to offer.  (If they even offer a BCC pass next season?)

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Unless you're really big into terrain parks you ought to stick with alta/snowbird. I won't comment on solitude since you've already have experience there, but I will mention that the area isn't nearly as technical or large at alta/snowbird.


Brighton simply doesn't have enough terrain to offer for an entire season, and you'll find yourself bored after the first month or so of the ski year. I'll break it down for you lift by lift:

-Majestic: Almost entirely terrain park or groomers. If you're not hitting all the jumps you're getting passed by people who are, and you'll find very little off-run experiences that are more than quickly entering and exiting a patch of trees.

-Snake Creek: A decent lift for the intermediate skier, but again lacks access to big, non-groomed hills like you'll find up Little Cottonwood. Most non-groomers are moguls or tight, short chutes that are fun for a bit but get old soon after.

-Great Western: A little more advanced than Snake Creek. Some big, open, steep hills, but the lift area is surprisingly small and you'll be hard pressed to find new or engaging areas after a day or two. 

-Millicent: Probably the best for off-the-run skiing and offers great, wide, and steep open faces and cliff areas. Set up of the hill is a little awkward though; if you opt to take the main road down a bit, you'll run into narrow, often times overpacked areas that isn't really worth your time. Overall the skiing here is good here, but one would have to ask: Why didn't you just go to the bird and ski Mineral Basin, or to Collins at Alta? Both are simply better hills point by point.


I won't go into details here but at the bird or alta, there are endless amounts of new areas/terrains for you to explore. Want to spend the entire day skiing Peruvian/Mineral Basin? No problem. Bored of that part of the hill? Ski Little Cloud or go exploring in the trees of Gad 2 or Gad. Wanna head to Alta? Endless days exploring Wildcat and Catherine's Pass. Collins has and incredible amount of terrain and the great traverse and baldy chutes are world class. I could go on...


The simple fact is that snowbird/alta are simply going to provide you with better skiing for the entire season than brighton and solitude.

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They have not announced what the Solitude season passes will be for next season, but now that Deer Valley has taken over it looks like they may not have a Big Cottonwood Pass any longer.  Is it still an option on the Brighton web site?

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