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Final New England Gathering Thread and Damage Report.

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OK, it's thursday afternoon and I'm getting my stuff together for a mid-morning start tomorrow. I'll be up there until Tuesday morning.

Make sure y'all check all the other N.E.G threads for most current information.

We'll meet at the Mad Tavern by 17 & 100 on Friday.
We will find each other by the simple expedient of talking to the BeerTender. For those of you who sometimes need a bit more explainin' the conversation might go something like this:


Any people from the Barking Bears Club here yet?


OK, I guess I'm first. If anyone else shows up asking that same question, could you point them to that table over there? {pointing}

OK. You want a beer?
OK, my plans are, god willin' and the crick don't rise, to be at the tavern at 5:00 for any early arrivers who might want to get dinner somewhere and again at 8:00.

My plans are subject to change for no apparent reason. Or if, you know, I get arrested for doing 110 on the interstate. But that ain't stopping the rest of you from meeting anyway.

My next post on this thread will be from Vermont.

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The BeerTender will probably be a guy named TJ. Wish I could join you all. Have fun
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OK, made Waitsfield from Rockland in only 4 & 1/4 hours with only one ticket. Yay me!

Pragmatic is here, but so far it's just us two.

I'm heading down to the tavern to check on early arrivers.
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see you tomorrow!

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The beerkeep said an Eskimo was there earlier lokking for us . . . Nakona, also known as Nanook of the North, I guess.
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It's snowing on General Stark Mountain (MRG) and I'm in the basebox taking a break and drinking some fresh Green Mountain brand coffee.

The group, such as it is, is meeting at the Ramapo Mountain Ski Club lodge this evening for Apre Ski and probably dinner.

Quick directions, for anyone up here with an internet connection:

Head up RT 17 away from Rt 100.
MRG is about 5 miles from there.

The road will get real windy and start climbing dramatically.

When you get to the wide spot in the road that we call a parking lot, MRG will be on your left. There is a tall/narrow sign that's lit up.

Pull in ahead of the sign and follow the goat driveway around to the left and uphill.

PASS the first sharp uphill road to the right.

TAKE the second.

There's the lodge.

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Originally posted by oboe:
The beerkeep said an Eskimo was there earlier lokking for us . . . Nakona, also known as Nanook of the North, I guess.
And later, Nakona shows up and says:
Woof Woof?

It was GREAT meeting you guys, and fun to ski with Oboe's wife, Colleen!

I want to start a "Reluctant Spouses" gathering, considering I was once one myself! {in terms of SKIING!} Maybe I can get all the wives and girlfriends addicted!
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LM, I thank you and Colleen thanks you for spending so much time with her on the slopes. She enjoyed your company, on and off the hill. Also, she is WAY impressed with your energy. She said you never tired, and kept on skiing, and skiing, and skiing. . . kind of like the Energizer Bunny! Eventually, she'll also demo those shiny Volants you've spoken so highly of.

Thanks again, and I hope you two get another chance to ski together.

Kee Tov, thank you for the free lesson, and to the true experts in the group, thanks for taking a few runs with me.

CalG, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos you took. Thanks for filling in when Mrs. oboe's digital camera died for lack of battery power.
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Yes definitely have her check out the Volants! They earned their praises on Saturday with those crunchy conditions.

My goal is if I ski Sugarbush with her next season, I want her to ski with me on my new favorite New England trail, Waterfall.
She can do it now! Just need to make her belive it!
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Sorry, I missed it, next year? Sounds like fun was had by all. Lemme know if you nee Volant assistance.
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"Scratch a Russian, find a potato".

"Mention Volant, find Phil Pugliese".

[ March 03, 2003, 05:18 AM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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Well, The Eastern Bears gathering will not need 8 pages of explanation. But it was good!

Gosh, there are good people EVERYWHERE! and skiers too.

I was my pleasure to meet you. With only the day to play for me, there was not a lot of lies to reveal, and I had fun.

Let it be known to all, that Oboe did not say one word about his skis that I heard!

We had a mix of snow and rain here in the balmy south on Sunday. I skied by myself, and all is well.

Special thanks to "the organizers"!

photo's in the works!


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I met a few Bears on Saturday morning, also a few of the same people and a few more at dinner that evening. Sorry, but I never managed to take a run with anyone at Sugarbush (the downside of a Gathering at your home area!).

Today the 'Bush was closed due to very high winds and sub-zero cold, so I went over to Mad River Glen for a few rides up the single chair. Apparently I just missed meeting PRAGMATIC, Maggie and others from their club at lunchtime, but I hooked up with Lar-seti and a college buddy of his who, it turns out, is also an acquaintance of mine. Our friend's 8-year old daughter took us on a tour of the MRG woods (including cliffs, chutes, and frozen waterfalls) that I will remember for a long time. Larry may even have some pictures.

It was a pleasure to meet everybody (even if having my internet persona associated with my real-life one did feel just a little bit like those dreams where you showed up at school in your pajamas by mistake : ). Vive EpicSki.com!

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(temp. Vt. login= larseti )
Well guys, I'm still here, wondering if my body will respond to commands tomorrow.. sugarbush and early travel home.
Some good stuff came along with the challenges, and I have some great memories to add to my collection.I don't have much to add to daevious's well chosen words except to point out that he deserves a lot of credit himself. I was delighted also to have him appear this afternoon for a few runs , and to get a chance to ski ALL snow conditions Unbelievable! And somewhere in the middle, it was golden...
I do have some photos and will post sometime soon


I don't usually ski those unlogged trails.. Bt fortunately I was holding the camera
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As everyone is saying...great time had by all. We definitely need to plan some more Gatherings.

Things to remember(or practice) for the next time....How to Bark(woof, woof), What to bring (pants), What to have extra of (batteries), How to count up to 366(everyone), Remember which chair is called what(I'll take credit for this one), ..... and I know Bears are friendly, but I overheard something about taking showers(names left out to protect the innocent?).....

Great meeting everyone.
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HEY!!! You were NOT supposed to talk about the showers!

Larsetti, hope you are feeling better!
Daevious, I must say that Sugarbush seems to be one eof the most courteeous NE resorts, and that reflects well on itsstaff.
Was skiing Sleeper late Sat.afternoon. Totally iced up with grass showing. And its pretty narrow. Everybody stayed in control.Impressive!
Also, Vermont still looks like Vermont around there. Nice!
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O.K. Y'all
I just made it home after a few runs at north.. and if I can't beat Lisamarie at posting, I probably got a few more turns in.
Soft and sweet isn't enough- cold and gray did me in.15 degrees but some wind- I can't believe south was basically shut down. Well, when you start at 11:30 it isn't too bad.

Employees at MRG deserve extra credit for monday...
25 above to 25 below in 7 hours. Even if the lift (with about a dozen skiers) was running at super economy slo-mo in the morning, it was going.
It's a start, need some more bears. Stop hibernating- spring is almost here!

FWIW, I'm (almost) glad midwinter waited for me-only got to ski 3 days around dec 15 prior to this. At north it was said monday was the coldest yet! I hope spring comes before the mtns. shut down- and I'll make an extra trip for it.

feeling extra bouncy,
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