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What skis to rent in Whistler?

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I'm going to Whistler March 7-14. First time out west. First off, is it worth it to spend the money to rent some skis and save the hassle of carrying them in transit; and finding something suited best for the conditions?

I have a narrow quiver. A pair of Dynastar Cross 10's (obviously too narrow) and a pair of Salomon Crossmax 10's (probably still too narrow?). Both in 170cm. I'm 5'7", 145 lbs, expert skier.

The dynastar's are my ski. I love 'em - the feel, the rebound, the stability, the edge grip, the ability to change turn shapes; and if I could only have one ski for the east that would be it. I only grab the Salomon's when there's a much better chance of some powder and good bumps and a very small chance of ice (not often).

Can anyone make a recommendation of what to rent; factoring in Whistler conditions in march, and my preferences? I plan to hit as much of the steep and deep as I can, but I definitely plan to rip it up on Franz's and Dave Murray too. Really looking forward to the tree skiing there as well.

I'm thinking maybe the Intuitiv 74 or the 8000's if somewhere has them. Maybe the IM 75's. Never tried any of these skis. Also, if anyone has a recommendation of where to rent, I'd love to hear it.
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most of the shops that are right in the village will let you change skis so you can demo a different pair every day based on snow conditions.
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First off, I have skied Whistler on my Crossmax's with no problems as well as my Rossi Bandit X's. Sure, it would be great to go fatter for some serious off-piste skiing when the conditions are right. So, check out


and look at their rental section. You can save a few dollars by booking on line. The great thing about renting from the ski resort is that they have numerous locations at the base as well as mid-mountain to switch out and try numerous pairs of skis through out the day. I did this last year and had a great time demoing various skis.

Also look at
for additional rental options.
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I demoed the Head iM75 (non-chip) from Whistler Village Sports in the village not far from the gondolas. I liked them in the off-piste (crud at that time) and on the groomers. In fact I liked them so much I bought a pair from them. I'm still enjoying them. I would also add the Volkl 724 Pro to your list to (my wife recently demoed 75-78 mm waist skis and liked the Heads and Volks's best). The Volkl may be a bit quicker to initiate. I think WVS also carries Volkl's. Have fun.
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Snowonder and Toadman are right

The Crossmaxs will be a fine all purpose ski.

For those typically wet heavy pow or crud days you could go rent something a little fatter.

I use SnowCovers in Village North but I've heard lots of people use Village Sports and be very happy with them.
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In March you have a good chance of hitting spring conditions which means ice in the morning and corn in the afternoon. The Crossmax's would be ideal for those conditions. For those days with new or soft snow rent something wider.
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