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Gathering II the Canadian Connection

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For those that can't, won't, or shouldn't attend the gathering in the US I'm in favor of spearheading a gathering north of the border next year. For some it is a transportion issue or just wanting to ski in Canada only. Will hear all and am open to suggestions. Note: I would not want this to overlap with the first gathering in any way shape or form.

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How does Red Mountain sound to you, Artie? Maybe we could do the whole shebang there. All the other suggestions sound okay, but RM would be UNIQUE & CHEAP & with El Nino put to bed, a great hedge on snow.
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Are Yanks invited? [img]smile.gif[/img] I LOVE Canada! Also, anyone know anything about this? http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c;f=4;t=001675
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This year's gathering was Gathering III, so aren't we talking about Gathering IV here?

And I believe several Canadian resorts are serious contenders for the main Gathering IV (2004), so that may address the issue. I'd encourage those in favor of Canadian resorts to continue sharing their thoughts in the main gathering thread (as well as this on if you wish).
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After reading through the main gathering thread there seemed to be two main camps. Those that want the gathering to be in US and those that want it in Canada or overseas. For some the cost is prohibitive to go to the US or flight time is to long. The way that I see it two major gatherings could be planned in the same season with primarily one goal in mind; that being get bears together to ski and have a great time. If the main gathering chooses to partake in a Canadian destination then this thread dies.

Nolo: Red would be cool, but is more for the elitist. Not that I personal would rule it out. steeps, deep, and peips.

Lisa: NO WE DON'T WANT YOUR FAT GREENBACKS UP HERE!!!! Of course EVERYONE is invited!! The more the merrier. Like you've said, Put us all in a YMCA basement and we're happening.

AC: Until the group come to a concensus on the other thread I would prefer to keep this one seperate.

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There are already two main gatherings, one in the West and one in the East (of North America). There are many mini gatherings, but that's another deal and those tend not to be planned nearly this far ahead of time. It seems counterproductive to try to plan a second "main" Western Gathering, particularly when the actual main Western Gathering may be at the exact same resort.

Let's consider this thread (which I do hope will continue) to be part of the main Western Gathering discussion. So keep it coming!
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Now that people are mentioning the less trendy Canadian resorts, the prices are becoming more comparable to what we paid in Utah. So keep up the suggestions. Even if something is not close to an airport, it can lead to some interesting options. Last year, we went to some of the Banff resorts on the way to Fernie.
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I'll hopefully be up there again next year. Would like to put in a vote for Kicking Horse. If not, somewhere around Banff.
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The Banff area is a great idea. You have a handful of resorts all within shuttle bus/driving distance, and terrain for all ski types. You also have a major airport approx 1.5 hrs outside of town. As it was mentioned in the other thread it is also the off season so accommodations are cheaper and range from high class to hostel. There is also this option:Canada Ski Hostels Alittle more rustic, close quartered but just a kick-ass trip through the Rockies. If there was interest in this I could talk to Chris about buying out a whole tour and try to reduce the cost some.

Seeings how we are just under a full year away there is plenty of time for discussion.

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anywhere in Canada will do me...

I will arrive in Canada about the same time I leave Oz - can't remember the actual flight time but it might be about 15-17 hours or so... (talking Vancouver there)
Hey Pete - how long is it?
However I am sure a transit arrangement to location can be found...

I should have some takers for a canadian academy too - we just need to know by around July some time before people book packages...
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I wasn't even thinking about a Canuck Academy. Could some of the Canadian Instructing Bears ask around thier ski schools to see if this would pose a problem? I think that it would be both national and international instructors on the slope.
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I would not be in favor of Banff because the snow is so iffy. I have never been when the snow was good. But west of Banff there is a country called the Okanagan, which I think is native for "Big-a$$ SNOW."


How is Red "elitist"? Or were you talking reverse chic?
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I wasn't aware that you'd done much skiing in Canada. Do they do any of that skiing where you get into one of those contraptions that has a big fan on top of it, and flies you up the mountain so you can ski down?
Sorry, maybe I shouldn't ask you about that, you probably don't know. I'm sure you've never been there or tried that kind of skiing.

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Your comment on the Banff area is interesting and may have considerable merit at certain times in the snow cycles the continent goes through. This year is an El Nino year and has been pretty sparse in the upper reaches of the continent. Next year is considered to be a La Nina year, and the last one of those gave the northern part of the continent record snow falls. I suggest that we take established weather patterns into account while planning this thing. ..It's about the only futurecast we can hang our hats on.

The interior could be a great option, but there just isn't an area that has a 'bit of everything' to offer along with easy access. Some come pretty close, but have drawbacks at least as significant as the Banff region.

I'm not real crazy about the choice of Banff because I plan to go there anyway, and would rather see the Gathering at a place that I would not opt to go to on my own. This will be real interesting once it is all sorted out. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maybe my timing is off, but every time I've skied at Banff the eastern slope winds have scoured the already bulletproof slopes. I've compared notes with others and heard similar stories. What are the snow stats for that part of the world?

I've never been skunked in the Okanagan, heli or not.
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feal: I think that is a great idea. If we could some how accurately predict where the snow is going to be next year, that alone would be a major factor. Do you know of a good snow site for Canada? The draw of Banff is a great ski town with a handful resorts at your finger tips.

nolo: first off NO ONE in my 30+ yrs. has called me Artie, but for you I will make an exception. What I meant by 'elitist', is thatRed is known primarly a strong intermediate-advance mountain. There is limited terrain for the lower skilled Bears. I wouldn't want to exclude anyone by choosing a destination that appeals to a select few. But there is something cool about Red and Rossland. I do like the option of the OK valley as the snow there is epic. Plus you can fly into either Kelowna or Penticton from Calgary.

Great brainstroming, keep it coming!!!

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One thing to keep in mind is that the idea of Canada has not been dismissed for either the academy or the gathering. Even if we point out a problem regarding a specific area, it does not mean that the area is not "on the table". It is important to bring up what potential problems can be, then figure out a way to deal with them.
Then, in the end, weigh the pros and cons of each area, and figure out what would be best.

I was reading the article in ski magazine about Red Mountain. They did mention there was only 10% beginner terrain. Although there are very few rank beginners on this forum, a mountain that has limited terrain for low intermediates may get boring, for some. This was sort of the situation last year at Fernie.

If someone has a crystal ball to predict the weather in Banff, I'd go back to Sunshine in a hoot!
Trouble is, I might not ever come back!
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I was up at Red last year, it has tons of intermediate terrain (in the mildest sense) and is a phenomenal mountain.
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These darn ski rags always lie!
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No, Lisa, your mag may be right about green terrain -- I don't know.
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Considering the quality of instruction, we only need 10% beginner terrain. All of Red Mountain is pretty tame, as I recall. Now Granite is another story.

Sorry, Artimus. James West called his Artimus "Artie" and I thought I'd use it as a term of endearment. :
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Hey Artie ( ),
I'd mentioned Whistler in another gathering thread. I think I may have mentioned KH last year as a possibility (I can't remember, cause I do tend to post a bit)...
But if you want me to sing the praises of one of my top three resorts, and the best Apres in North America, then you might be able to persuade me. After all, it is only a couple of hours from Vancouver, has great terrain for all abilities, and nolo can get helicopter rides if she ever thought about trying it...

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& at Whistler there is Roger & Neil & Meesh & Margie & Mat & Sarah & the cool physios from Thredbo(sorry I forget your names girls)... just to name a few .... [img]smile.gif[/img]

(Meesh may be a canuck but he is also a Thredboite, Roger is a Whistlerite born & bred but he also rates an honarary Thredboite)
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WTFH: The stage is set and all you need to do is sing away! Are you using that as a term of emdearment too there my friend??

disski: good point that Whistler already has a cave full of bears that live and play there. Also, what kind of interest has been sparked down there? (##'s)?

Should I start a poll on an official nikname change?
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Us guys who live in the London area need to stick together

Anyway, here is where I start singing...

and here is where I start dreaming:

and here is where my proprioperception starts failing:

[AC edit - fox those pics are WAY too big to embed in a post!]
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Hi Artimus. I was not really concerned about Red for me. I figure, after last year at Fernie, anything is possible. I just did'nt know if it would be suitable for any lower level students. But like I said, the ski mags always play up the most advanced aspects of a place, so that's not really a big issue.
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Is it a real issue that Red isn't much of a 'ski center'? Most of the other nominees have a lot to offer as a complete destination package. Should we be looking at other areas that have really good skiing to offer, but are a little slight on location and facilities?
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LM: After going over the trail map for red a few this stood out. 1)there is a beginners area off of the T-bar on Red and guite a few blues there 2)from the summit of Granite you have greens and blues that run right down to the base lodge. 3)over in the Paradise area there is a large number of greens and blues. A mixed mountain that caters to the higher skilled skier I agree, but after what I read about your performance at the academy I would think that you would eat up Red for breakfast and eyeing Granite for lunch!!

AC: From your experience would Red fit the bill for a mixed group such as ours? Did you do a b/c trip over to Roberts?

nolo: No offence taken!! Actually I kinda like it. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
Right...where was I...ahhh yes, Red Mountain.

WTFH: I'm surprised that I haven't heard from you about Whistler. If there was a Bear here that know the [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img] and the [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] sides of the twins your our man!!!

No one to date has mentioned KH, Sun Peaks, Big White, nor Panarama, just to mention a few.

What are the usual requirments that people have for accommodation?
Do most prefer full service hotel or the no frills and freedom of a hostel? I personally enjoy the BC hostel scene and would stay at one before a full service. They are just WAY TOO much fun.
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Do we want glitter or true grit? That is the question.

For true grit I offer Turner Mountain, a 3,000 vert ski hill located near Libby, MT, the hub of the Aryan Empire, served by a sturdy T-bar. We can rent the mountain entire for $1,000/day.
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Again the question here is what does the majority want? Do you want the shops and services; or are you going to have all of your affairs in order before you leave. (going XXX resort and want to shop for new gear, get boots fitted, high end tune etc.). Are you happy going to the store and cooking your own meals, and/or eating the local comfort foods; or do you want the five coarses and imported wine? Are you there to ski and kick back at the end of the day and have a few beers, or do you want a raving nightclub to crawl out of in the wee hours of the morning? True the majority rules but there is a common middle ground here somewhere.
For me there is a sense of adventure here. Meeting new people from different lands , and mingling with the locals and enjoying what they enjoy 365 days of the year. The 'smaller' and off of the beaten path mountians to me are the place to be. You might have to work alittle harder to get to them (air transfers, longer drives), but I believe the the extra effort is worth it. Sort of like Fernie a few years ago. The snow is still the same and the mountian hasn't changed, but the traffic is much higher then it used to be. I'm more interested in the numbers; vert, snow, runs etc. I'm not that overly concerned with the quality and quantity of the nightlife. It is all about the skiing primarily.

WTFH: Big pics for a big mountian right? Please do explain the lower one. Is that something that should even be posted here at an unrated site? Remember my friend it is London Canada. I thinks for the sake of the rest here, it is a good thing that there is an ocean seperating us, as the trouble that the two of us could get into truly would be epic. I will always have a pint on hand for you my friend, so that I can hear the WTFH story once and for all.

Nolo: Rent your own mountain for a day? Sounds like WAY to much fun!!
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