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What do you guys eat while Skiing?

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I'm quite curious on how you guys eat while skiing? Personally I stuff my face in the morning, then i bring some snacks for lunch which I eat about 1-2pm so i can be on the lifts during lunch (they are completely empty at this time where i ski) which consists of a nut bar or two and some scroggin which i keep in my jacket, and don't eat again until the mountain shuts at 4pm where i eat quite a bit on the way down form the mountain. What about you guys?
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I don't like to eat too much or I won't feel like skiing. I recently started bringing along craisins as a snack. I'll usually grab some nature valley bars or whatever they have for free at breck.
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When I go out west and am adapting to elevation, I try to eat a good breakfast, oatmeal , english muffin, salad bar for lunch. anything heavy and I feel like crap. At home I eat more of a lunch  but usually is easier skiing.

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Fruit and trail mix. I also have a hydration reservoir in my backpack. Rarely stop for lunch.
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Hershey's almond milk chocolate bars or Snickers...
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Various types of chocolate, with Snickers high on the list.  Hit first lifts, stop for a coffee before the lunch rush, mid-afternoon snack and then off the hill a bit before the close.


Alternatively, we sit chatting over a beer or two with some friends up on the hill, then get chased off the mountain by patrol as the last ones down.  Skiing down in the early twilight when there's no one else around just makes my day.

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Whatever and .chocolate covered express beans
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I either spend as little as possible or blow a lot in a decent restaurant with friends. Overpriced hamburgers and pizza doesn't do it for me anymore.  More often I'll pack a sandwich or a thermos with some hot soup.and an energy bar or two in the backpack.

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Soup, 2pm at the Sundeck or the Merrygoround.

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 What do you guys eat while Skiing?


Pretty simple, really. Remember the rule:


"To get a good taste for challenging snow, . . . 

. . . you've got to eat some."    (from Crudology)





Not always nutritious, but always good for you!


Best regards,


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I normally eat a decent breakfast then while on the mountain I eat fig newtons, honey stinger bars, cliff bars and/or gu's. I wear a camelback filled with water. I snack and drink all day and try never to stop for any "real" lunche. I'll usually ski from 9:00 until 2:30-3 and leave before the masses leave the mountain. I'll then eat a nice big linner instead around 3:30-4 

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We bring a cooler with yogurt for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, some kind of chips or crackers, maybe potato or macaroni salad.  Ice tea to drink.  Sometimes I bring wine or sometimes we'll buy some breaskis.  Sometimes when the ski patrol has their BBQ in march we'll indulge or if we are Killington we'll splurge for a nice lunch at the restaurant on the peak. However, rarely do we buy anything from the cafeteria or any of the restaurants on mountain.  I'd rather save my money and bring my own food than pay overpriced cafeteria food. 

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If we are skiing locally we pack a cooler with food & drinks plus a grill on some days.

When we are on a trip we buy/make subs, snacks, and carry them in our packs with water or gatoraid. Unless it's to use the restroom, I rarely go into a lodge.
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we eat a classic diner breakfast just before we hit the mountain, then a few energy bars during the day.  never want to break when the masses eat lunch, the lines are nice and short. :D


then after we're done, we grab a bite to eat before the ride home.  we're usually out there 9-3.

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From home:

Usually a bowl of Cheerios with fruit and then the drive to the hill in time for the opening of the lifts.  Then I stop for lunch before noon and have, usually, a light lunch like a bowl of soup or chili so I can get out there when the lines get short or go away.  I eat again at home.


From my cabin:

I have to start fires to warm the place, so I skip that part and jump out of bed and head to the ski area where I buy one of their tasty, but too big, breakfast burritos.  The rest is the same as above.

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Breakfast is usually granola, yogurt, and fruit.


Snack instead of lunch: granola bar or mix, raisins, nuts, string cheese

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granola with yogurt for breakfast

cliff bar, apple, dried fruit and almonds on the slopes

In-n-out on the way home

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Breakfast: usually something pretty substantial at a proper breakfast place

While skiing (9-3ish): two clif bars or similar, water from my hydration bladder

After: Chipotle stop on the way if I'm driving home, else whatever's good locally, then a second large meal later at 8ish


Like many I find eating at a lodge just isn't worth it, taking such a long break takes me off my game, and the bad food does nothing for me.  I'd rather just finish my day earlier and get real food than try to prolong it suboptimally.

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I have eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as the main entree for probably 60% of the lunches in my lifetime. :o 

I have them for lunch on ski days at an even higher ratio.

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If it's lunch you're asking about, let's start with the important criteria:  hot, cheap, good hydration, and easy to throw together.


So I picked up a wide mouth thermos at Goodwill, took it apart and tossed out the actual glass insulating bottle.  It's a good container in which to make instant noodles.   And the cup on top is good for tea (the cheapest, healthiest beverage).


Hot water is always available for free in the cafeteria.


The local Asian market has varied and tasty packages of spicy noodles for under a buck apiece (but don't read the ingredient list unless you have a strong stomach).


Add lump of cheese and some ziplocks of nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate covered nuts & fruit, and this makes a cheap, hot, hydrating lunch that you can keep on hand, ready-to-go, for weeks between shopping trips.




How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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