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Poll for 2004 Gathering - Venue Priorities?

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1.What is most important to you in determining the location for the 2004 gathering?

2. Do you want the Academy to be at a new venue every year, or is repeating all right?
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I realize this is super general -- the idea with this poll is to establish the 1 or 2 main foucs areas, then I'll follow up with another poll exploring the various factors of those main criteria that stand out from this poll.
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I think it's important that it's at least reletively easy to get to, so then it's a whole lot easier for those of us that might only be able to stay a few days.
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The features that made Utah such a great place were: The perfect fit of Brighton to the needs of the Academy; the availability of several other great areas nearby; and the availabilty of inexpensive, commodious and convenient lodging. Those are the criteria which I believe should apply to selection of the next Academy/gathering location.
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Outside USA - eg Canada Europe please

For any non-us residents the exchange rate stinks
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I really should have met you all in Utah this year - I regret not doing so. (Skied Vail the week earlier.)

But I think Utah has a lot of variety and accessibility making it a prime choice again for 2004.

And I won't miss it next year it you do choose Utah. And I promise to bring snow with me!!
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I have 2 more interested parties for NON-usa academy (one of our doctors & his wife)

Can probably find a handful more - exchange rate is prohibitive for them to ski usa
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I'm from the UK, and would also for reason of cost prefer outside the US as well, but to be honest if it was in the US it wouldn't put me off coming.
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At some point, Ican see where this may develop into 2 or 3 separate venues. One in North America, possibly one in Europe or one in the Aussie/NZ area.

Keep in mind, there is much to be considered. The coaches worked this academy on their good graces. With 30 students and 12 coaches, I doubt they even broke even on their expenses. The upside was, for most of them, the fact that they were not exceedingly far from their home mountain.

If a european or aussie venue would attract lets say 10 people who could not come to the states, but discourage 20 who do not want to go overseas, that would not be a good thing for the coaches, unless of course they want to take a working vacation.

Also, in another thread, Pierre spoke of certain food allergies which would prohibit him going overseas. You do NOT want to have an academy without Pierre, trust me on this! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Please keep specific resort comments in the larger Gathering 2004 thread (click here) , this poll thread is about criteria to consider in the selection process, not specific locations. The main point of this thread is to get info to help create a more detailed poll which is coming soon -- the ongoing gathering free-for-all discussion should be kept in the one (other) thread so it is not scattered all over.

Also, this is focused on the gathering, other threads are focusing on the academy. I'm looking to see if there is a distinction between what the two are seeking.
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Originally posted by disski:
For any non-us residents the exchange rate stinks
Um, NO!
Currently, GBP is strong. The AUS$ may not be worth much, but then, it isn't a global currency

It is cheaper for me to go to America for a week than to France, by the time you add in Apres Ski costs. Yes, Canada is cheaper still!

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I favor the most economical venue with the greatest variety of terrain.
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