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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
...where are those extremely hot ... beautiful mid-20s women you talked about, AS?
I met them. OK, one was from Michigan , but the others were locals.

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My suggestions for next year:
1. Thredbo, if only to give my head peace for 5 minutes.
2. Winter Park - good terrain for everyone, cheap accomodation available in WP, and not far from DIA.
3. Whistler
4. In the SLC area, but not Brighton. There's nothing wrong with Brighton, but I think we should use the Academy & Gathering as an opportunity to visit new places, not just returning to the same ones.
5. Val d'Isere. You guys need to experience it!

I would suggest NOT to go to Summit Co. I don't believe it would represent good value for money.

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there's nothing worse than a professional victim.

the point is that if the gathering is about skiing, why should the non-skiers' non-skiing fun be important in any way?

fer pete's sake, next thing you know the non-skiers will be the focus of the gathering.

maybe then I"ll show up?
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With 72 votes so far, these are the choices for "most important factor" in selecting the Gathering venue...

57% voted for "Quality and Size of Terrain"
22% voted for low cost
14% voted for "Easy to get to"
3% voted for "Size and/or Atmosphere of the town/village"
4% voted for "other"

For more on the voting, click here
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
2) Hot Tubs
3) Very hot, mid twenty year old "skier" girls in said hot tub.
4) Booze (see above)
6) Video camera, documentation is key...

Now, whos with me?!
I'm with you all the way on that one, just don't interrupt me this time (PWC)...

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Posted by gonzostrike:

the point is that if the gathering is about skiing, why should the non-skiers' non-skiing fun be important in any way?

fer pete's sake, next thing you know the non-skiers will be the focus of the gathering.

maybe then I"ll show up?
The 2004 Gathering for Gonzo and other non-skiers will be held in the Mall of America. Gonzo will chair this event, and hosteling will be available. All hot 20 year olds who like drunkfests and hot tubbing with middle aged, um, victims of their profession, are encouraged to attend.

Everyone hot about skiing , stay tuned here for further results.

That is all.
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Interesting dilemma!!!!

Belong to a national professional organization here in Canada and this same discussion reared it's head 20 years ago. East or West national conference.

One way or the other somebody is going to have to travel and some people may not be able to afford it in a given year.

If you host at Brighton every year, or in Utah or on the Western half of the continent some people will never make the Academy or the Gathering.

To my mind there are two critical issues to address no matter where the Academy is held.

1) Will the resort let us conduct teaching sessions?
2) Is the terrain appropriate for instruction?

Start to narrow down the list of everyone's favourite (CDN. spelling)resort and the choice of where to go may become somewhat easier.

You may wish to consider something along the line of two years in the west; one in the east and then one outside the US; repeat as necessary.

The other option is two Academies. I believe there are instructors east of the Mississippi.

Just a thought

"There is no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing."
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Since I got a "slap on the wrist" for bringing up concern about the Academy in the Gathering thread, I'll pass the slap down the line to you, cleanmelon. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Just kidding!

Seriously speaking, I do think we need to examine SEPARATELY the wants and needs of the people attending the gathering and those of the people who will attend the academy. Then, we can see if there is some sort of middle ground. Can they be in the same place/timeframe, etc.

In an ideal world, that's what would happen. But lets see what happens.
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What Lisa said. (1) This thread is assessing the needs of the Gathering, not the Academy (the Academy's needs are being assessed elsewhere and the two will be reconciled later). Cleanmelon, your post doesn't seem to address the Gathering at all. (2) There are already separate gatherings for the Western and the Eastern halves of the continent.
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I vote for North Shore of Tahoe.
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Wrist slap gratefully accepted!

Methinks I should read more and post less, at least until I get the full gist of the thread!

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No problem, since we all seem to have made the mistake. My concern is that the people who are interested in ONLY the gathering do not feel that the event is being overshadowed by the academy.

Post your ideas about what you would like for the academy in this thread:
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
My concern is that the people who are interested in ONLY the gathering do not feel that the event is being overshadowed by the academy.
I fully agree, that is why I am keeping this conversation focused on the Gathering's requirements. I'm also making sure the Academy is not overshadowed by the gathering. Two distinct events that help each other.

At brighton, we were basically paying $70 a day for lift and lodging, and I reiterate, no matter how good the exchange rate is anywhere in Canada, that's going to be hard to match.
Those prices are possible at major Canadian resorts.
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If the Gathering and the Academy are in two different areas, or Resorts that are farther away than an hours drive, then people would have to make a choice to attend either the Academy or to attend the Gathering. This would force me to make up my mind whether I want to take lessons to ski with certain people of my own ability, or just get together with a bunch of people of my own abilitiy and ski around. This would probably happen anyhow. But it would be nice to get together with everyone at dinner time and party or whatever. Driving 3 to 4 hours for a get together would be immpossible. Did I make sense here?

At the first gathering in Tahoe, I just got we broke into groups according to abilities. We just skied steeps, chutes and bumps all day while the other group cruised around. I never got the chance to ski with everyone and felt later that I made a mistake doing that. If the Academy and the Gathering are at a different area, this wouldn't be possible. I don't know how everyone else feels but I think they should be close by. I think by doing this, the attendence would be greater.

Another thought, why not take a poll of all the Bears favorite Resort. The Resort that shows up the most could be the site of the next Gathering/Academy

I still think Summit County for various reasons is the best choice.
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In this case, the academy was before the gathering. Some peoplearrived for the gatehring on thurs, which was the last day of the academy.

I went free skiing with some people the day before the academy. Myself, JimmyD., Piere, Tog, Arcmeister, Bob Peters and Si went over to Snowbasin. They would go down part of a trail with me, and then head off in a different direction. Then we would meet up again. It seemed to work out well.
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Lars, Lisamarie's post pretty much describes the situation. To expand on it a bit, the majority of us stayed in a low rent but decent place in Salt Lake City. The Academy ran Monday through Thursday at Brighton, which is about a 20 to 25 minute drive from the lodging. The gathering "officially" started on Friday at Alta, which is a bit further, but not much further away from lodging - maybe another 5 minutes. Many [if not most] at the Academy stayed for at least some of the gathering. While there was some "matched abilities" skiing, there was a fair amount of "mixed abilities" skiing, so that mediocre skiers like me got to ski with Ryan and MilesB. Also, for the four days of the gathering, I skied at a different resort each day, which was one of the great advantages of having these events centered around Salt Lake City.

The original suggestion, before the Academy became a reality, was to have a "camp" just prior to the gathering, and that's the way it worked out - they were sequential, not at the same time.

No matter how well, or how "not well" one skis, the Academy is a great place to be! Participants at the Academy were grouped with others of like ability, and from my own experience, that worked out very well. The beauty of having the gathering so nearby and right after the Academy was the opportunity to ski with others of all abilities - and, of course, to meet more Bears.

Lars, it would be great to see you at either the Academy or the gathering - or both. See if that can work for you next season. It would be a lot of fun to have you there for the skiing and the partying.
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Which sounds absolutely great Oboe, but having the Academy at Taos and the Gathering at Wolf Creek as has been suggested sounds a little out of the question. Does L.M. really know how long it takes to get from Taos to Wolf Creek? I've been pushing a little for Colorado for various reasons but from what I hear costs incurred in Utah would be hard to beat. I would say Summit County would cost more. I could handle Utah. Snowbird and Alta definitly have the kind of terrain I would enjoy.

On another note, Whistler/Blackcomb has everything we need also. Although it would cost us East Coasters a bit more to get there, the Lodging/lift pass prices make it attractive as well as all the varried terrain needed. The town would also be friendly to the none skiers in the family. (not mine) But might make it more convenient for some.

And, Pow Digger has another great idea. I could live with that too.

I might even opt for a day or two in the Academy, I said Maybe!
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My vote is anywhere with timeshare resorts. Only way I can afford accomodation in the US is to swap a week. The NZ dollar is worse than the Aussie.
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Well, I guess the Taos website lied about the time it takes, but why am I surprised?
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Squaw Valley
Alpine Meadows
Sierra at Tahoe
Northstar at Tahoe
Sugar Bowl
Mt. Rose

Reno-45min. to an Hour away.

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Powdigger, how far from each other are these ski areas? Also, how about costs?

With this many areas in proximity, we may have something here.
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Powdigger, all those places suck! (kidding, that's my home turf)

Oboe, this (mostly) is the North Shore of Tahoe -- those places range from 5 minutes (from Alpine meadows to Squaw Valley) to 30 minutes from each other. The Tahoe North Shore has cheap and expensive housing, nothing in the middle. I made a bad suggestion for lodging at the first gathering, but we could do better this time if that's what people want. 45 minutes from a real airport (Reno). It's actually not my first choice mainly because I like to get away and try different places, but if this is what people wanted to do, the skiing here is purdy durn good.

I could also lead some serious Backcountry skiing in this area.
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From a point of view of costs for me, (no change there then...) Reno is the most expensive Airport for me to fly to from Manchester, Compared with Denver and Salt Lake. I haven't checked any Canadian Flights because I haven't got a clue which Airports you'd fly to for which resort.
It may be cheaper from Heathrow, but then I only live 5 minutes from Manchester Airport.
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There are direct flights from LHR to Denver and Vancouver with BA. Salt Lake you can do with one stop. Most other places require one or two stops, unless you fly/drive, e.g. Aspen, Jackson, Reno, etc.
I was able to fly to Salt Lake from Heathrow for £320. If there were a group from the UK interested in going next year, I could see about booking us together and getting further discount.
My December trip to Whistler had a £44 supplement to fly from Manchester to Heathrow.

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Oboe, Taho area was awsome. I had a ball there and the ski areas had the best terrain and snow. Something for everyone. I wasn't keen on the lodging as A.C. has said. We could do better for less or there's Reno with the Casinos. I stayed at the Atlantis in Reno for $29.95 a night. That was fun. Freee drinks and food, the best. However, I would rather stay closer to Tahoe.

Pow Digger is pushing hard eh? I could be swayed to push with him also. I also know A.C. would rather go some place else. I will say that his guide service at Squaw and Sugar Bowl was invaluable. Made it more fun and safe.
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Im still thinking that Frisco, Colorado is close to Copper and several other areas.
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It is.

[ February 11, 2003, 09:07 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Ah cheers Fox. Direct flights would be SO much better.
I got my prices from opodo.co.uk, and they didn't seem to have any direct flights on offer.
Discounts are gooood...
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Try expedia.co.uk
Or my favourites, Trailfinders. T:020 7937 5400 for their North American flights.

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Originally posted by ryan:
It is.
And you're going to trust a map that doesn't know how to spell Breckenridge, and doesn't even list... Steamboat??!!?? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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