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Are there 20 people out there who don't yet have lift tickets for the March 1-4 gathering at Sugarbush/Mad River Glen? Here's the deal:
  • If we buy a minimum of 20 two-day Sugarbush passes at once, we can get them for $84 apiece ($42/person/day), plus a $2.50 handling fee to cover costs associated with collecting payments in advance. The next best deal that is still available is for individuals to buy day tickets off-site for $48. Tickets are $57/day at the ticket window.</font>
  • Mad River Glen tickets are $42/day or $80/2 days at the ticket window. If we can get 15 people together, we can get tickets for $25/day, plus a $1.00 fee.</font>
  • Both mountains will require a single payment for the bulk purchase, so your payment IN ADVANCE is required. If fees collected exceed my actual costs, the difference will be refunded when you pick up your tickets.</font>
If you still need Sugarbush or MRG tickets for the gathering and you would like to participate in the bulk purchase, visit to place your order. If we have not sold the minimum number of tickets for any of the days by February 26, all payments (including fees) for those days will be refunded.

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