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Ski Demos with Peter Keelty At Utah Gathering

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I need to collect some info on how many people are interested in demoing skis (and getting ski gear advice from Peter Keelty) so PLEASE take this poll ASAP if you will be at the Utah Gathering. Thanks.
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I received this note from Peter today. My initial thought is that this may not be enough skis, so I need some info (in the poll above) to get back to Peter about the size of the group.

Peter Keeltey wrote:
I plan to be at Gad Valley parking area with a modest selection of skis, starting about 8AM on Saturday, the First.

I hope expectations aren't running rampant; I'll have a dozen or so skis, representing various shapes and is a variety of lengths. That is, the entire collection will have various lengths; I don't have different lengths of the same ski.

The idea is to experiment with shapes, rather than try to find a specific model and brand. this is more important anyway, but I'd like to avoid disappointment. If anyone is looking for a huge selection covering much of the ski-scape, this, alas, isn't it!

We'll try to manage it so that I get the last ski back in by 3PM. In fact, I hope to take runs with groups of people to hear what they think as the action is happening.

Logistics: Barring unforseen difficulty in getting back from Vegas, I'll bring my huge, white Dodge Cummins/camper. The plan will be to store skis in the camper between runs.
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More info from Peter:

...we will have about 20 skis. It's key that everyone understand this is not about models. It is about shape. I'll have a variety of shapes and sizes.

This [demo] is a shape clinic, in which there is enought variety for somepone to pin down a favortie shape, althogh not maybe a specific models from a certain brand.

I envision people trying a couple of shapes, for a run each, and this taking place from lift-open until about 3pm.
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Bump -- please vote if attending the Utah gathering!
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I'm especially interested in skiing the new "all-mountain slaloms" like the Volkl Supersport T50 ***** and the Fischer Sceneo 500 (or whatever that Fischer is called), as well as some of the fattyfats (if the snow arrives).

C'mon, folks - vote vote vote
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Looking forward to trying some SLs...in general I want to see what narrower waisted skis feeel like after a lot of time on midfats..
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I would like to second Gonzostrike's nomination.

Volkl T50 ***** Supersport (if I owned a pair, I'd have to take a deep breath halfway through saying the name).

Fischer S500 or S400.

And these would be nice if possible.

Fischer WC SL.

Head WC SL.


Fat skis??? We don't need no steekeen fat skis. These new slaloms have wider tips than the fattest skis around just a couple seasons ago.
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Peter hope you can get some of those all mountain Slaloms and add my name to the listfor the Fischers. I'm Looking forward to a demo day snowbird
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Just a schedule clarification -- I'm assuming that we don't have to be up at Gad right at 8 AM? Just show up and look for Peter some time before opening?

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