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atomic sizing

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I'm finally trading in my 205cm Volkl P9 SL's and am looking at a pair of 10.20's. I haven't been able to get much help on sizing and was hoping someone here may be able to offer some guidance. I'm 5'11, 200lbs and ski everything. I ski mostly in the east. I am trying to decide between the 190 and 180. Thanks :~)
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Demo both lengths, 190's will give you better high speed stability, 180's will be a little quicker turning. I'm 5'9 and was 160 when I bought mine last year and went with the 190's for stability. Prior to that I was using a pair 203 Dynastar Omeglass slaloms and 203 MV 5 Geants for cruising.

I'm sure you'll like them no matter which size you end up on--enjoy


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Loafer, I'm almost your size, 5'10" and 185-90 lbs and bought the 180's. I put short turn effectiveness, and powdery bump skiing ease ahead of absolute stability and edgehold. I believe that you are right at that weight where you DEFIINITELY need to demo both sizes. I myself am happy with the cruising capabilities of the 180's although I've been on better skis for the bulletproof. I repeat as I have said in prior posts, my technique is far from perfect but my recent purchase of these skis in this size is already making me better. Good luck.
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I am 6' 215
had a pair of p9s sl 205 myself
Atomic Beta Ride 10ex 191.
love em, but i live where it snows every year like it is in the east this year. great ski demo em both. on days when it does not snow I think maybe the 186 was a better choice (not for long though!)

dance for snow
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thanks for the input.
I made the decision to go with the 190's. I skied on them yesterday. Conditions were excellent. Groomed packed powder, minimal ice. The 190's are rockets. Extremely stable at speed yet very quick when I wanted them to be. I haven't skied on atomics since I retired my "red sleds" years ago. I am looking forward to having lots of fun on these skis.
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