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It would take a Miracle!!!!!

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for me to make the Utah Gathering. I am completely bummed and some what depressed. Work, ski instructing and life in general have all conspired against me. The biggest Gathering yet and I will miss it SH!T. Plus I will miss the chance to meet many of you. I have tried hard to make it happen but things are not working out.

Well, rip it up for me and tip more than a few too. I know I will to try and forget that I am not with you. Please post comments and pictures during the trip if you can.

May you all have bottomless pow and blue skies.

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Sorry to hear you can't make it.

...but we will raise a glass or two to absent friends.

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If you need a miracle, try Miracle Max. I hear he even coats the pills in chocolate. (makes them go down easier)

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"Hey, you in there! What you got that's worth living for?" (remove bellows and press on chest)


Bummed for you, too.
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