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Well it looks like my jokes are coming true.

My first lift to Utah imploded in a sea of mud & angst and now my next option has decided to leave town earlier than I can.

So unless anyone can give me a lift to SLC on the evening of the 30th then it looks like its the BIG GREY DOG for me on the 31st. The Greyhound guy reckons it only takes 8 hours from Vail to SLC ....

If its the GREY DOG option I will arrive around 9:00 pm on Friday night. I can stay till Sunday night or there abouts.

Any ideas ... after 8 months of saying I am coming the whole show is now imploding. I have the time off but no means of getting there in time to enjoy some skiing and party.


Oz :
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you better be there mate, don't let the Empire down.

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There's a great story in the new issue of Outside Magazine about a guy who bought a 3-month Greyhound pass last winter and traveled all over the PNW and BC skiing. Sounded fun.

I can't help you get here, but I'd be happy to pick you up when you arrive at the Big Grey Dog House in downtown SLC and transport you to wherever you're staying.

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We're fighting over who gets to pick you up at the Grey Dog terminal!

Not only will I pick you up and take you to your lodging, but after, I'll bring you to Squatter's for the festivities, even if it means missing the Academy Awards myself. I can't see partying without ya after all you gotta go through to get here. :

I may even buy you a beer.
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Currently I am working on a one way rental so I can get into SLC early on Friday morning, ski friday, Sat and get a ride back Sat night.

Any spare beds for Friday night?

What are my options for Lift tickets for Friday & saturday?

I am going to blow the tip jar on this trip but it will be fun to meet da Bears and ski some lines with the locals, not to mention getting messy on Friday night with "Fooks and the Keg Drainers" with supporting "rythmn" section.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Any spare beds for Friday night?

(I hear Fooks has plenty of room)
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See you on the Friday night.

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