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volkl G3 VS HEAD XP80?

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I am looking for an all round ski all over the place kind of ski, some on piste some off, im considering both Head xp80 or volkl g3 both in 170-i prefer longer gs turns when freeskiing. (Im only 135lbs but fairly high stnd) The volkl's have fatter waist- 70mm so may be better off piste but the heads- 66 waist- are so fat tip(116) and tail (97?)i cant see how they would fail to be good off piste? Has anyone skied either of these skis what do you think? only 10 more weeks stacking boxes in Colonel Walrus' warehouse till im off- bring on the snow. Thanks DM
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Danger....lots of skis out there...if you haven't bought yet...here are a couple other ones that I'm toying with...
Atomic BR 9.22
K2 Axis
your two....

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Dangermouse, for what you want to do with them a much better ski in HEAD's line is the SuperCross Ti. It has a wood core, top AND bottom sheets of titanium, I've skied it and it is the best ski I've ever used. It is however quite a beefy ski, but from what I've heard the G3 also has some beef. Dimensions of 110-72-100 for the SuperCross Ti. You can't go wrong with either ski (G3 or SuperCross Ti) but I'd recommend you demo both if you have the chance.
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