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lift evacuations

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I was just reading on another site that a lift at Magic Mountain, VT broke down today and had to be evacuated.
Does anyone know what happened to the red chair today? I was on my second ride up when it stopped. I sat ther for 2 1/2 hours until I was evacuated. Unfortunately some people got restless or cold and jumped off. A couple got injured, one a back injury. I saw it happen. It was about a 30 to 35 foot drop. Not only were they injured but they hindered the evac. Not too bright.
I can't believe that people actually jumped from the lift. It doesn't take much sense to know that if you drop that far you stand a good chance of being injured.
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What has me wondering, why didn't the resort use the back up motor (apu) to run the lift, get every one off. APU are seprate systems, from the main motor, and there for they should of been able to run.
Also jumping off a lift, can cause the rubber band effect up and down the the line.
One moment your sitting there, the next your flying thur the air, wondering what the hell just happened. There is so much tension built up in the haul rope. I hoep they caught the people and escorted them to jail, for endangering other peoples lives. :
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It broke down again the following day for about 45 minutes. Apparantly the problem was electrical, some sort of short or something.

I was there yesterday (12/29) and was treated to the largest crowd outside of Killington or Loon that I've seen in a while. Some ski club from Connecticutt had $20 lift privileges on this busy holiday weekend and their entire 500+ member club was there. The line must have been nearly 10 minutes (damn long considering I usually ski right onto the chair).

They cannot run the Black Triple Chair for a few more days yet. It needs to pass its yearly inspection. They were welding on a few of the towers during the day. During my last run they had finally gotten it moving. A big cheer went up from myself and the three guys I was with. It shouldn't be long now. I expect to see it running next time I'm there (probably this coming friday, which looks like a good chance for powder).

I'll continue my description in my post titled "Trip Report: Magic Mountain 12/29," which I will compose in a few minutes, probably in the general forum.
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Hey TR@DV with most lifts - if they de-rope on the loaded side is that an evac call unless you guys can re-attach or does that depend?

Just Curious.
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When a haul rope deropes or comes off the sheaves ( the wheels) the lift is suppose to stop with built in safty switches (brittle bars) located on both sides of each tower, that will break, when the rope comes into contact with them.
Once it is determined there has been a deropement, the lift cannot be re started, and a rope evac, must be started by patrol.
This all applys for either side the haul rope reropes.
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