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Tahoe for Christmas

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Will anyone be skiing the Tahoe area between Christmas and New Year? I'll be staying on the North shore and skiing the 25th through 30th. Maybe we can hook up? PM me.

They're getting pounded right now. I hope it stops long enough for me to get there.
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My time away will coincide with your time here, but you're going to have a blast. I've been skiing around the North Shore all week and the snow is great. The big storms are over, so you shouldn't have trouble getting in. Have fun!
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Today was fantastic. snowed most of the day and no lines at Sugarbowl. Only down side was I didn't get any lessons so I don't get to offset the 9 hour commute (snow driving) or the gas. At least I got to make some runs in the powder [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'll be up there on Saturday and Sunday 28-29. Sugarbowl, teaching I hope. If you are going to make it to Sugarbowl either of those days, I can sometimes get away for a few runs.
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