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Christmas orphans in the East

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Is anybody out there interested in skiing Christmas day in NY or southern Vermont?

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Possibly the morning. I would rather ski Christmas eve and spend the day with my inlaws. My wife is flying in on Christmas day so I want to be there when she arrives in Boston.
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I could easily be at Mt Snow(first choice...discount you know ) on Dec 24th if either of you want to join me.

PM me for arrangments.
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I will most likely ski x-mas day at Mt. Snow. But I will be "working"

There is always time for a run or two.

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Mount Snow sounds like a good option, Anyone hear from Gravity Guru lately?
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The last I heard of Todd was an editorial in the local paper.

I'm looking for him though.

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The plan for me is to get to Mt Snow 8:30-9:00 on Tuesday the 24th Meet KeeTov near the Ski School and get set up.

Anyone else going to join us?

Sounds like we will both be in Yellow Jackets Grey Helmets.
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Thanks for the turns KeeTov, It was fun.
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others missed a great time.
If you've fallen in love with the cookies, my wife surprised me with a new recipe!! Even better!!
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