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Rule 40 is a throwback to the Cold War, when the Olympics was supposed to be for "Amateurs" only. Thanks to decades of cheating, other rules were relaxed so the West could cheat too. Now it's a free-for-all, which is better than the "Mutants vs. the Teenagers." No more "Miracles on Ice", though. I seem to remember our Freeski girls mildly protesting Rule 40 w/small buttons at Socchi. Weren't the flogged for that by the IOC?


Of course, I must say, my kid has so many "Small" sponsors, that he can't really get all their stickers on one ski. I guess the boards have an advantage there when it's podium time. He can't even list them all on his AFP or USASA profile, so he lists them in order of how well they take care of him. Surprisingly, some of the littlest companies actually provide some cash as well as product. Some of the bigger companies offer pro deals where the "deal" is getting continually weaker every year. Their even changing the name of pro deals to "Friends and Family", "Preferred Customer", etc. Their taking the "deal" right out of it by cutting the percentage off down, while raising the MSRP at the same time. I call it the "Fo Deal". A lot of those companies are now at the end of the list, & about to be cut out completely. When I can beat their price on "EVO", their done. Sorry, 1 way loyalty demands action. It just shows excessive ego that isn't appreciated around our young impressionable athletes.


Anyway, I'm off on a tangent now too. Kind of on the fence about Rule 40. Maybe if the athletes could have 1 sticker or button from their main sponsor, I would allow it if I were King.


The article on the World Championships is exciting. Park City respects Olympic Freestyle sports in a very robust way. My worries that Vail degrades the quality of competition would be groundless at the National Championship level and above, especially with FIS watching over the whole thing. Vail also seems to resist the "Penny pinching" when the cameras are rolling as they surely will be at this event. I wonder if Rule 40 applies to pesky "Uber Companies" plastering the entire venue with their logos?