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Too early to book for 2016? [Europe in February]

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    I have already air tickets to February 2016, and I am planning on spending 7 days in Madonna di Campiglio and 7 days in Lech. This is my first ever ski trip to Europe.


    I started looking for hotels in Madonna di Campiglio, because it's a larger city and I want to ensure I get a hotel close to the lifts. I have found all hotels fall in one of the following categories:

         1- Hotel shows as "sold out" for my dates.

         2- Hotel has vacancy for my days except the February 13th.

         3- Hotel has vacancy but it's very expensive ($450 per day or so).


Is this happening because there is an event there on the 13th? (I could not find any) -- or maybe because it's too early to book hotels? -- or, worse, because it's too late?


Any suggestions on whether I should wait a few months and try again or I should just book the most reasonable hotel I find right now?



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Most hotels here in Europe have not put up their rates for next season. They focus on the summer for now, and will put up their rates in July. 


I imagine 13 February is difficult because of Valentine's Day. That's not very big in most European countries, but people with means (Russians, Americans) often choose Madonna di Campiglio as the most romantic place in the Alps - which I think it could be.


I can imagine that you book your flights right now, if air fares are agreeable (?), and worry about hotels later. It's easier to find a hotel or appartment that a good flight, I imagine. (I can recommend an appartment, especially in Italy - other than in other countries the food is always good in any restaurent in Italy.... and please don't limit yourself to the hotel's quisine...) And be aware that from February 20 onwards, it will be quite crowded in the Alps due to Europeand holidays. 


It might be a good thing that most mortal Europeans can't afford Lech at all. If you need help finding/securing a place, don't hesitate to ask me for help (a lot of experience finding great places, given that you know what you want). I think @CerebralVortex would be happy to help you in finding something in Lech.

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way Too early to book now, but you should use airbnb anyway, better rates, and better accommodations than most hotels.
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I can confirm that. An alternative is homeaway.com (also privately owned appartments).

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I agree you'll probably have to wait until mid- to late-summer to get up-to-date results for next February. But, there are a couple of things worth checking now in terms of how you're searching.


Most importantly, are you searching for Saturday-Saturday stays? I'm not familiar with resorts in the Dolomites, but I know that the towns in the Arlberg area are heavily targeted toward Saturday check-ins/outs. Some of the smaller B&Bs won't offer anything other than that. If you're searching for different days of the week, then you'll probably see a lot fewer options, and they'll usually be the more expensive ones.


Also, are you doing accommodation searches on the resorts' official sites? A lot of the smaller B&Bs will only come up on those searches and not on other web sites, and they're some of the best places to stay in terms of price and convenience. You can check the Lech-Zurs site for accommodation on that side of the area. If you can't find anything reasonable for your dates, then it's worth checking the St. Anton site or even the Warth-Schroecken site.

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In the Dolomites it's also mostly Saturday-Saturday. Everthing @CerebralVortex says about Lech also applies in Madonna di Camiglio (and just about everywhere else in the Alps, for that matter).

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It s not unheard of for popular hotels in some resorts to be booked solid for the high season weeks for 3 to 5 years in advance.


The first time I came across this is the only one I remember. The Alpenrose in Ischgl showed me their calanders when I indicated disbelief that they really booked for many years ahead for the Christmas week.

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That's true TQA, but I have only seen that in Austria. And, as you mentioned, only for the Christmas holidays (week of Christmas and the week of New Year's) and in the February holiday weeks. In Lech you might encounter this problem, but in the Dolomites, this situation doesn't really exsist.

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I ran into a situation a few weeks back where the hotel I wanted to book in the Dolomites had no availability for any dates in March 2016.  This was via direct contact with the folks at the hotel, not due to a website that hadn't been updated.  The good spots in the good locations do get booked out well in advance.  Booked the plan B option last week for 10 days in mid-March '16. 

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   Also, for both Madonna and Lech, should I look for accomodations that also offer lift tickets or it's a better deal to buy them separately?



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Depends on the deal.


Here are links to the Madonna di Campiglio skipass prices for next season: http://www.campigliodolomiti.it/pagine/dettaglio/inverno,1/prezzi_skipass_giornalieri_madonna_di_campiglio,181.html


And for Lech, last season (I would choose Ski Arlberg, which also lets you ski the St. Anton area): http://www.skiarlberg.at/arl/west/en/winter/w-tickets/66b5a740142a26b407a0267cab00564b


The Madonna link also has a accommodation finder. Maybe that will help too.

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FYI, there are no real lift ticket deals like you guys have in the US. The pricelist is pretty much leading. Only some regions (like Tyrol, Salzburgerland, Dolomiti Superski) offer seasonal deals.

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Feb 6 to 13, seems a holiday at Austria, the second high season after Christmas.

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