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Bachelor December 22 - 29

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I am skiing in Bachelor from December 22 through 29. So, who is in? Where should we meet? When should we meet? How is Xmas day for crowds (I never ski on Xmas day, but if it is less crowded, I may make the effort to change the family schedule)? Anyone with kids skiing Bachelor over Xmas?

Tally ho!

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If there's snow,
the Rat will go
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Looks good for snow over there right now. The forecast is for another 3' in the next few days.

Looks like I might see you there!

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I'll be there on the 23 at Pine Martin. 930AM. Skiing was good today. Light wind blown powder and some nice soft bumps on the outback liftline. Good coverage and snowing at 1PM today. Plenty of freshies to be had. No excuses Rat to be here.

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