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Magic Mountain, VT -- Dec 28 - 29

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Exit 154 and I will be skiing at everyone's favorite almost-bankrupt ski area, Magic Mountain, on the weekend of Dec 28 & 29. Come join the fun before it's bought up by Intrawest!

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Don't even joke they'd ruin it.

With any luck I'll be there in early January.
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Yeah seriously, I just got realy scared when you said that. Lets all pray that Magic stays the way it is (although maybe dredge their snowmaking pond and get their water rights back from Bromley and Stratton).

Anyway I was at Magic on monday the 16th and it was fantastic. Better after being open three days this year than on any day that I skied there all last season. They actually have a lot of natural snow right now, although I don't what the rain might have done yesterday. I'm guessing that the cover on Redline and Diamond Head is gone, at least on the ledges. I'm also guessing that Goniff Glade and Twilight Zone are the best, since they are somewhat proctected from the rain by those thick pine trees, especially Goniff Glade. No bumps have formed yet but things in the trees are fantastic. I hit the stash to skier's left of Goniff Monday and the snow was knee deep.

I might actually try to get up there on the 29th as well. I'll be at saddleback before then for opening day on the 26th and the 27th as well. I'll probably need to rest on the 28th, or go to an easier mountain like Cannon (don't yell at me, I meant easier by comparison). Have fun. Maybe you'll see me. Look for a tan Boeri helmet with stickers from Magic, Burke, Cannon, Pico, BonjourQuebec.com, Tenney, Sugarloaf, and "Ski Maine," and Smith Goggles. The harmless looking youngster beneath that brain-bucket is yours truly. Ciao.
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Magic is great and I hope to be able to make it up there soon, but I already have plans for that weekend. Friday the 27th I will be at Cannon, Saturday at Burke and I'm not sure where I will be skiing on Sunday and Monday, but since I will be staying in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont it will likely be up there or in Canada.

Mittersill for a college student with no money
2. I'm a college student on a limited budget. There's no way I could even think about paying for a trip out west, unless you're footing the bill.
you certainly go skiing quite a bit, tickets aren't cheap and certainly, even someone as slick as you can't score that many freebies. In New England, ski patrollers and instructors don't even get comps at some of the areas, they have cut way back on that. And how could you be out skiing on the 16th of December and all of the other days you have bragged about here and in other threads, doesn't your college give final exams? I know UMass Amherst's, Berkley's, Fitchburg State's, WPI's and many other college finals ended on Saturday, Dec. 21


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I took this semester off. I'm going back in the spring. As far as lift tickets, that's the only thing I have money for. I'm still being fed on "Daddy's dime." As I think I mentioned to you once before I play my guitar in the subway for lift ticket money. And no, I don't get that many freebies, but I do know how to get sick discounts, and I have a flexible schedule that allows me to bend to a mountain's discount day schedule.

For instance:
Magic Mountain CT/MA discount days $15 - 1/17, 1/31, 2/7, 3/7, 3/22
Cannon - 2 for $40 on tuesdays and thursdays, and 2 for $45 on super bowl sunday (awesome deal)
Tenney - 2 for 1 every friday, even holiday weeks ($29 regular, $37 holiday, this breaks down to either $14.50 or $18.50 a person)

A variety of other deals exist. If anybody wants to know about deals in VT, NH, ME go ahead and PM me. I keep pretty close tabs on things, so I might be able to inform that way, and I'm most happy to help. I'm also willing to go halvesies (sp?) with people on 2 for 1 days. I have 2 for 1 as a personal discount at many other places as well, way too many to list here. (RSNE discount card). [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Another thing is that I have lodging hookups either through friends or relatives throughout ski country. So I often don't have to pay more than a case of beer or bottle JD for lodging. It all takes great planning but I manage to log 50+ days a season on a student budget. Naturally I can't do this out west without a summer of price check homework. :
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It's official. I shall be at Magic Mountain this saturday the 28th. I am told by a reliable friend that the east facing slopes (Goniff Glade, Talisman, Broomstick, Slide Of Hans, etc...) all recieved close to three feet because of wind. The west facing slopes got closer to two feet, being on the windward side. I would be shocked if everything is tracked out. I expect plenty of freshies left over on saturday, which by all reports ought to be rather sunny. YEEEEHAAAAAA!
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We'll be at the Red Line lift at 8:45 am. I'm the one with the turquoise oven mitts.
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
We'll be at the Red Line lift at 8:45 am. I'm the one with the turquoise oven mitts.
From another site:
"12/26/02 Does anyone know what happened to the red chair today? I was on my second ride up when it stopped. I sat ther for 2 1/2 hours until I was evacuated. Unfortunately some people got restless or cold and jumped off. A couple got injured, one a back injury. I saw it happen. It was about a 30 to 35 foot drop. Not only were they injured but they hindered the evac. Not too bright."

Just thought I'd let you know.
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Damn!!!!!!! Was that like... today? Wow! At least they have the Black Triple, but then you have to deal with the "Chair of Doom." I hope everything is all fixed and those people are okay and don't try to sue (they'd lose in seconds in any Vermont court, and probably face a counter-suit for de-railing the lift as a warning is posted, but the insurance would go up anyway).

There is at least on spot on the Red Chair where it would be safe to jump off however, at least for an expert skier. Just above the top ledge on the Redline the chair is only about 4 feet off the deck. I can usually poke the weeds with my ski pole. If the lift ever stops and I'm lucky enough to be at that point I wouldn't think twice. It would be quite easy to slide off without de-railing the lift. You just have to be able to ski the nastiest section of Redline (which makes my top three of the toughest trails in New England).

Seriously though I hope everything is fixed. I've never ridden the Black chair however and that might be a nice change of pace. I've always been there mid-week and the Triple doesn't run unless there's a line at the double.
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