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January 30 in Utah

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I was just wondering who, if anyone, would be hanging out free skiing Thursday, January 30, at the Gathering in Utah.

I'm arriving on Wednesday to acclimate to the altitude, and I want to ski Thursday, however, it's my understanding that attending the Academy for one day is not an option.

That leaves me skiing alone somewhere (perhaps skiing past the groups IN the Academy, ha ha). Skiing alone is not a bad thing, it's just more fun skiing with people you know (or think you know!) :
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My wife and I will be there. I don't know where we'll be skiing, though.
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I was thinking of Solitude for Thursday. It would be easy to meet up with Bears after the Academy was over. Nothing written in stone yet, though.
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Thursday at Solitude may work for me. That's the start of my weekend [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Bonni, we would be going to either Alta Snowbird or DV.
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I will most likely be at Alta Thursday.
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I will most likely be at Solitude or Alta Thursday.

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I just booked my flights today!!!

Solitude is fine with me on Thursday. I'd like to check out Deer Valley as well, maybe on Sunday. I've never been to either other than for a look around. Friday, Saturday and Monday morning will probably be at Alta/Bird. Anybody have any firm plans as to where they will be and on what days?
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Thursday: Solitude (MAYBE Alta)
Friday: Alta/Bird
Weekend: Alta day of BBQ, Powder Mountain the other day
Monday: DV

this itinerary is set in wet mud.

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Thursday, Solitude.
Friday and Saturday, Alta/Snowbird.
Sunday and Monday, wherever whoever wants to ski with me wants to go. :

Not written in stone Yet.

LM, what ya think?

[ December 14, 2002, 11:25 AM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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I'll Be around I don't have any plans set in Stone. I'll Be happy to ski anywhere with anyone that will put up with me.
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