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Okemo or Killington 11/29/02?

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Going to my brother's place in Peru, Vermont for Thanksgiving.
We'll all ski at Okemo or Killington on Friday.
Anyone else planning to be there then?
I'll have Epic-Ski stickers on my helmet!

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I will be teaching at Okemo both friday and Sat. The only info I can give you is I wear a black helmet and I will probably ski my Fischer scenio's kind of camoflage green.My helmut has a little gren alien sticker on it.Other than that I will be wearing my uniform !!
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Terry -

Cool! If we go to Okemo, I'll be on the lookout for a little green alien!

- Tom
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The whole fan damily will be there (Okemo) for the weekend. Probably arrive at about 11 on Friday.

I'll be on Stockli's .... silver SC's or Shorts, same color
White helmet, Shawnee SS jacket, dark blue with bright yellow bands if it cold. If warmer, black Stockli jacket.

Yuki Jr. will be on yellow Stockli's ... GS or SL. Probably wearing a black Northface Fleece, silver helmet.

Mrs. Yuki will be on silverish/whitish Stockli's.

Daughter ..... probably hitting on lift attendants .... trying to get served under age .... ah, who cares ... talk about alien life forms! :

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I will keep my eye's out looking for the Stockli fan club !!! Terry
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OK, I'm going to push for Okemo rather than Killington (was going to anyway). I'll be in a tangerine quilted parka with black pants, blue boots, red Atomics and a silver Giro 9 with a small Epic Ski sticker on the front. Hope some of us hook up!
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I'm there too! Fri, Sat, Sun. I'll be in Red Boeri shorty helmet, matching red Oakley pants, and Yellow X-screams.
Wife'll be in powder blue puffy jacket and K2's.
We'll probably both take a lesson Sat. so we'll look for the alien as well!
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Well, I was there (Okemo) on Friday. But it was pretty crowded, and it snowed all day. I had enough trouble keeping track of my own group, so I didn't find any of you. Hope you had a good time - maybe next time ... Most winter-like conditions I have ever encountered in November!

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Sorry none of us could find each other- I had an all day kids group-we skiied our little butts off. Hope you had a good time at Okemo!!!
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Friday was not one our better days. The females of the family announced that they were NOT leaving NJ at 4 a.m., so we didn't depart till 7:30. Arrived at 12:30 and Okemo wouldn't check us in till 5:00. Friday was shot.

Saturday and Sunday were good and made up for it. Winter on the first of December is fine by me. Sunday had to be 15 degrees and blowing hard at the top.

Took Rt. 100 south for "old times sake", blowing snow through the twisties, how I ever did that with a 63 Corvair without snow tires? Wife still doesn't understand why I sometimes have to "go that way" .. .. ..

Next time ..
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