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Atomic 10EX

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I know a girl who skis mostly offpist, and now she needs a new ski. Atomic 10EX come up with shorter models this year i´ve heard? Is the 10EX to demanding for a level 7 skier?
Any comments or suggestions for another ski?

Best Regards
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Atomic's site for 2002 is up. Check out www.atomicsnow.com. i'm a level 6-7 skiier and from what i've *read* the 10ex would be too much for me but I haven't *tried* them so I'm not much help. www.peterkeelty.com might give you some other options to consider.

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You might want to look at the Volant Chubb. A very forgiving ski.
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The 10.ex is a big fat carvy ski, with a very stiff tail, she may be better off with the new 10.ex tele version, it will probably be softer or even better, go with the G4. I don'tknow if the flex has changed, but it has a much softer tail.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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For a level 7 skier, I would suggest the Ride 9.22. The 10.ex will come in shorter lengths than posted on the Atomic site (177ish and 170ish), and the tails have been softened up from last season's model, though not a whole ton, like other brands' landing gear. If you can wait, demo once the mountains are open.
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I'd don't see on Atomic's site where the 10.ex is coming in shorter models. 184 cm appears to be the shortest. Not sure about tele 10.ex's. Maybe they are shorter.

I skied the 10.ex last year in the powder at Grand Targhee and also in the spring mush at Mammoth ( very late April) and it is a great ski, but I'm a large person and ski the 198cm.

I'll also ski the G-40 (190cm) and the G-41 (198 cm) which is a better ski on the packed and in the chop. The 10.ex is a very very light ski given its size. It is a very quick ski also taking into account its size.

Given you girl friends size I'd recommend the 9.22 as the first ski in the Atomic lineup for anyone to consider. A great great ski. I've ski it for about 3 years and have only heard that each year it has gotten better and better. Mine are the older black ones when the 9.22 was Ski of the Year (Dec 98)

Just my thoughts, take them for what there worth. Email @ Dorothybks@aol.com


Jim from Idaho
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I would pretty much agree with the 9.22 for a all around, including powder ski for a lighter/smaller person. I have the 9.22sl from last year and loved it in all conditions, except heavy/deep powder. But I'm a heavier skier than your friend. Another possibility might be the Rossi Rebel XX. Another wonderful ski, but not sure how short it comes this year.
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