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What was your best ski related buy/bargain this year? - Page 9

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Originally Posted by sbao26975 View Post


yes ! Lots of deal there... I received the skis yesterday. 

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Got bumped on a business flight .... they gave me an $800 voucher. Purchased 3 RT flights from RDU to Salt lake for $190. total out of pocket.

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well, I found some tetons for free! but they need a little work...

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Not a swap per se, but at the local ski show I scored a pair of last year's Fischer Motive 86's for $300 CAD (about $230 USD).  


Then I signed up for Corbett's Newsletter and got 10% off a pair of Blue and Green Pivot 14's for $200.


Pretty stoked on that.

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I picked up an APO Supreme snowboard (wide, for powder days) for $208 from Evo. The original price was $579.

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Mine aren't as impressive some of these but got a couple of good bargains last year. An REI GoreTex coat at Salvation Army for $5. Then a pair of Quiksilver ski pants from my nephews who got them in trade from Travis Rice. Xlarge? We can't use these they tell Travis, then they thought of me. Free!!

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Brand new 2015 Bonafides and Jesters $350. Ebay a few months ago. I had to study how to win and got into a bidding war in the last 10 seconds. Thought I lost it but at the last second, won. I'm a terrible typist so it was pretty miraculous. My first purchase on ebay - not bad. it was late spring with just enough time to get in a couple quick trips to Mammoth with them. Otherwise I would have been miserable looking at them unused during this long off season.

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Liberty Variant 113 bamboo-titanal (hot rod ski) in very rare 193cm length for $162 on Sierra Trading Post...last pair. Huge grins.

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Great find at the Ski Center swap this year.  A pair of Dynastar Omeglass WC with PX14's circa 2009 for $25, moderately used and freshly tuned even.  Should make for a fun teaching ski with the kids or just to get a good workout.  

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Originally Posted by Walks View Post

Great find at the Ski Center swap this year.  A pair of Dynastar Omeglass WC with PX14's circa 2009 for $25, moderately used and freshly tuned even.  Should make for a fun teaching ski with the kids or just to get a good workout.  


Now that's a good effort.

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Bought a pair of 2015 Fischer Motive 86 TI 182 cm with Attack bindings for $230 .


Maybe used 3 days.


Bought a pair of Lange RS 110 SC boots 26.5 for my Son last years model used about 40 days for $67


K2 Bad Seed 138 cm with bindings  and Swix 110cm Jr poles used maybe 8-10 days for $57


Scott Cartel goggles for my son$25 new


Love the off season!!!

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No skis this year after the Cyclics I scored at the end of 2014 season, so this year it was a pair of Eider Manhattan ski pants on Geartrade from Backcountry for $31.67 shipped, not bad for a $200 pant.

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I bought the women's version of the rossignol s7 from level nine sports alot cheaper then what powder skis were selling for. The guys told me the only difference was the graphics and I kinda like the graphics because it has a japanese geisha girl look. 

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Now there's a bargin shopper. Ya got draw the line somewhere.
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My quiver is pretty large now - I'll have to decide what I want to keep and what to sell off.


(2) pairs of Soloman Rocker2 100's - with Salomon demo bindings: $175 [I gave a pair to a friend, and I kept one pair for me to use as a play/powder/jib ski.]

One did have a very small core/edge shot, but I have metal-grip and ribbon ptex and an iron for a repair that was about 10-15m total time, I think. 178's I think I'm no more than 5'7". (I kept the core shot ones, I should get some karma for that!)


(1) 176cm Kastle MX94 ~$200. With Kestle [rebadged Tyrolia, I think] demo's - very nice. These are my Ferrari's. We'll see if I can drive 'em, or they drive me. [I'm a serious bottom feeder, but I _really_ wanted these - so I spent $30-40 more than I would normally be want to do. [Kastle's are super non-cheap. Street price, off season is $700+]


(1) 2014 170cm Volkl Mantra $150 - Marker Griffon demo bindings. I'll probably end up keeping either the Kastle's or the Mantra's - but I figured I'd like to try these. At this price I can do that and sell either of them, at no loss, if I don't like 'em.


(1) 184cm Volkl Mantra $40 - also Marker Griffon demo's.

Now before you get too spun up, these had one edge with damage. It's a long story, but I saw the seller buy them on the 'bay - and they were advertised as damaged. He obviously got scared, since one other edge was also "repaired" but it was a terrible repair. So, two edge damages - both on the same side of the ski - one per ski. (So you couldn't just put the damaged edges to the outside and not worry about it.) I bought them off of him, but for about half what we was into them for.


But while I'd never done an edge repair before - I found it was pretty easy. It was something like an easy-90-minutes of total time to cut out a narrow edge of the ptex, epoxy - use a clamp to force them straight - and drill the two skis. Let the epoxy dry overnight. Then dremel off the screw heads and finish with metal-grip, and base weld with ptex. I'm probably out $5-10 in supplies. I guess I did have to clean up the edges with a file a bit too - the dragging over the rocks, that damaged them in the first place, was pretty heavy I guess.


These are almost certainly going to be vastly too big for little o'me - but I figure I got some friends who might want them for a nice mark-up. We both make out pretty well. And I got a ski repair lesson out of the deal. I figured at worst, I'd just strip the bindings to sell and get my money back out, plus some. But since I passed my ski-repair "class" I'm pretty darn happy.


(1) 2013/2014? 153cm Rossignol Temptation 84 w/ demo bindings,  $75 - these are for my daughter.


And lastly - a pair of K2 freeride MX130 boots with two days on them. $100


So, the skis for me were ~$465 for four pairs of really top end, stuff. I'd probably be able to buy a *single* pair o'used/abused demos anywhere else for that - though it might be a bit more, even. So, I'm pretty happy with my bargains so far. :)




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Context: Skied the last 2 days with my SO -- a 2nd year skier. Day 1 was a powder day here in Colorado. Today was leftovers. She skied through the white-out conditions and cold, although complained about tip diving / skis deflecting in cut up snow on the powder day. She also skied mid-week last week on a day Loveland got 12"+ inches of fresh with a friend of hers. Her stoke is strong, and her confidence way up this year. At the end of last year she was only skiing greens, already this year she's skied numerous blues at Loveland including Spillway (reasonably steep for a blue) and Roulette in less-than-ideal conditions, as well as Richards and a slightly bumped up Blackjack. She already has 5 days in this year. She has 3 lessons already paid for she is eager to take and improve.


Her current setup is a pair of 162 Volkl Oceana Attivas (2007-ish). 70mm underfoot, full camber. She is 5'9" - 5'10", and some weight I don't know (not stick thin, not Rubenesque.) 


The deal: New 2014 Nordica Wild Belles in 170cm with system clamps for <$200 shipped from the Bay. 


Slightly longer length, but with tip rocker I figure should ski just a bit longer. They're a birthday surprise, so while I would've loved her to demo them, its not in the cards. If worst comes to worst and she hates them, they're also my mother's ski size and nicer than any rentals she could pick up for the week (since she already owns boots she loves.) 

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Flew to Aspen on miles; stayed there on points, and used Mountain Collective passes. Awesome trip!
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Flew to EGE on points, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek for $189/nigt (first week of April), last 3 days of 7 day Epic Pass.

Not so good deal - renting car without realizing there is no free overnight parking in BC and PH parking is $50/night.
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I found a Strafe Sickbird Suit for 50% off at evo.  Finding one piece suits is hard enough, so I was stoked.

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Just picked up a pair of Rossignol CUT 10.4 skis that look as though they were stepped into and right back out of at a ski shop, and then put away for the last 15 years.  They are literally like new.  Not much info. online about these, other than they are O.K. beginner-to-intermediate skis, and rather soft.  But I'm interested in skiing any 1st generation "shaped" skis I can, just for the experience.  For $5 at the thrift store, how could I pass them up?  The Marker M4.1 bindings will adjust to my boots without throwing off the boot index line much, if at all.

Any comments about the Marker 4.1 bindings?  Again, these look as new.    

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Keep those skis on the groom. They don't like variable conditions.
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Aspen lifts for $44.50 a day - off a Squaw gold pass.

A Snowmass hotel for $99 a day for the  gathering on Groupon steps from the snow/mass/

town busses

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Originally Posted by slider View Post

Keep those skis on the groom. They don't like variable conditions.

Ya, I've read that.  I notice they are pretty soft.  Softer than the newer women's skis, even.

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Broke a ski early in the day and rented a pair. As long as I stayed on the groom it was ok. But chopped up crud those ski threw me all over. Good score nevertheless.
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Best deal: 2016 Fischer boots at 40% off the 2015 price, vacuum fitted during the off off season around June. The most comfortable and most stable pair of boots I've ever skied in.
Most unnecessary: Another pair of Leki gloves at the shop while getting my boots fitted. But they fit great and my old pair was getting a bit ratty.
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I got a pair of Liberty Genome I got out on this season.  Think I paid about $400 new, so not the greatest deal but not bad.  In the right conditions I am quite pleased.  In the wrong conditions they are frustrating.


My best deal was probably 50% off day tickets at JH (though I spent $990 on the pass that got me that deal, d'oh).

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Best buy this season, Fischer Motive 95's for $282 and Rossi Axium 3's for $89. Bought these simply because of the killer price and some very positive reviews on Epic. I didn't need these at all in my quiver.  By far my favorite skis ever. I've skied them every day this season.

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Originally Posted by RatherPlayThanWork View Post

Best buy this season, Fischer Motive 95's for $282.

I came close to that at $309 at Christmas time.


Now that they are being replaced, the price seems to have gone up (though I haven't been looking very hard).


Great ski!

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Went a little ski shopping crazy but all deals.  Did a bit of demoing and figured out what I like/don't like in my quiver.  I sold or am selling my other skis except for my Volkl Kenjas


Bought 4 pairs of skis


2013 Volkl Charismas for $299 to use for teaching at my local hill. 


Atomic Redster XTI for 40% off and also minus my demo fee of $50.  Cost came to $483


Brand new pair of Volkl Charismas from Canada when we head up there saturday, will use these when not teaching, thank you Canadian exchange rate final cost $514


Lastly I wanted a fatter ski to replace my Elysians and demoed and LOVED the Volkl 90Eight.  Turns out one of the supervising instructors at my mountain is a Volkl rep so I'm getting a 2017 90Eight W at cost final cost $442 and this includes bindings.  Don't have to pay for theses until the fall when they come in.  


I am done buying skis and honestly plan to keep all these for a good long time.





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