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Regarding the men asking about skis for their S.O.s, in my experience it generally reflects a level of interest in skiing about seventeen times higher on the man's part than on the woman's.

Her: "Okay, I'll go on the ski trip with you as long as you don't expect me actually to, you know, ski all day. We're going someplace fun, right? Not that horrible place you took me where there was nothing to do and it was, like, twenty below zero all weekend. What was that place again?"

Him: "Saddleback."

Her: "Yes! We are NOT going there again. Ever!"

Him: "So ... what are you going to use for skis? You can't use those GLM skis that you got from your auntie Grizelda, that you kept popping out of last time we went [in 2002]."

Her: "You're right. I forgot about that. Never mind. You just go. You'll have more fun without me anyway."

Take her on a week long vacation out west. It's much warmer there. 

Come to think of it, I'm sure she will be very happy at Aspen. The shopping is great there. :D