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Oregon '02-'03 thread

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I am starting a new thread for the new season.

I hope to meet up with more of you this year. Unfortunately, I am off to a bad start already. As I was in my first week of conditioning preparation, I herniated a disc in my lower back. I had mentally resolved that I would take skiing lightly this year. I need to spend a lot more time training on the bike for the CCP100 in June, anyway. I had my first real test of my back on the mt bike, yesterday. At the beginning of the descent, I said I was going to be conservative. I didn't want to fall and have another set back. That plan lasted about 100'. I have the same conservative plan for skiing. After yesterday's experience, I think my conservative skiing plan will last about 3 runs. I am getting older and I don't know how much more rebound my body has left.

I will mostly be skiing at Willamette Pass. I did, however, come up with a possible revenue source for more Mt B days.

I want to help get my kids (4.5 yrs) to the point of independance so we can ski together without mom. I am also helping a 10 year old cousin get started. The kid loves the parks. I mostly ski behind him picking up his stuff and apologizing to all the people he unintentionally pisses off.

Keep posting your trips to the mountains. If you have a radio, post the channel. I often have a late change of heart and spontaneously drop and run.
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10-4 rubber duck, er, dirtydown.

I suspect that injuries are caused by “being conservative” (much like cancer is caused by white mice). For me this theory works. Every story I have that involves the words “stitches” or “fracture” start with me trying not to be injured, or tying to take it easy. As far as I can see, my health and safety depends on me pushing the limits. Maybe you should try this theory on for size?

How’s that for really bad, but oddly true advice?

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Maddog -

Your thoughts are similar to my thoughts about skiing crud. Having spent most of my life skiing heavy crud in flat light on Mt. Ashland I have developed a perverse love for the stuff. When asked by people for advice on skiing crud I tell them the first thing you have to accept when skiing crud is that you're going to fall. Once you've accepted you're going to fall you loosen up enough to ski the crud. If you're tight you're going to bite it.
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Years ago I heard someone talking about flat light and crud snow and I didn’t have a clue as to what they were talking about. When pressed, he explained it as the stuff I called powder and the light I skied most days. But I am like you, I have a perverse love for the hard to ski stuff. There is something nice about being the only person making tracks through 12” deep sun cups, three feet of “powder” that is 20% water (this stuff is trowelable like mortar), or 10” deep wind etched slab. I never have to worry about someone poaching my line, or stopping in the chute. No reasonable person would ski the stuff.

The only advice I have here is ski fast and ski decisive. It’s indecision that will kill you.

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Great week for me. I am back in the weight room and feeling good on the bike. I went out for a group ride Wednesday night. We did some new trail exploration and a lot of hike-a-bike. A lot of my fears of injury were relieved as I had at least 3 endos.

I caught Warren Miller's "Snowriders II" on Encore last night. I am burning to get up and slide around.

All last year, I enjoyed skiing the crud with my ModX's. I don't know a lot about different skis. I do know the ModX's have allowed me to enjoy all conditions. There were days last year that I would ski Success at Willamette Pass in terrible snow conditions. I enjoyed every minute of it.
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It's dumping in the Cascades. MMMMMMMM! CRUD & Flat Light,gives me that warm fuzzy feeling,ahh,fuzzy feeling anyway. I got caught last night with a pair of ski boots on watching TV. I guess it could of been worse. At least I wasn't watching a Warren Miller flick.[ [img]smile.gif[/img] If the weather holds we will be skiing in a week or so. Oregon Bears lets get a ski meet set up.
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I am headed over to Spray for elk hunting in a couple of weeks. I am planning to drive over Wednesday night. If I can get the inlaws to pick up the kids from Terrabonne, I could ski on Thursday. I would spend Wednesday night in Terrabonne. We could carpool from Redmond. Let me know what you think. I will start positioning on my end.

I don't have the exact date in front of me. It is not this week but the next.
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Originally posted by dirtydown:
[QB]I am headed over to Spray for elk hunting in a couple of weeks. I am planning to drive over Wednesday night. If I can get the inlaws to pick up the kids from Terrabonne, I could ski on Thursday.[QB]

LOL. There are not many places outside of Oregon where you can hike an obsidian flow on Saturday, check out Indian hieroglyphics on Sunday, fish for salmon on Monday, hunt chukar on Tuesday, Ski on Wednesday, hunt elk on Thursday, windsurf on Friday, spend Saturday in a rainforest and Sunday in the desert.

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Yeah Oregon! Snowin like a mother this weekend [img]smile.gif[/img] 20 inches up at Hoodoo... Can't wait to make some turns. It looks like every Sat. starting Dec 7th, and I might have Tues and Thur off from school too...it's lookin up!
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Rubbing my eyes, shaking my head -- trying to get reoriented to the beautiful white stuff after having not much other than steelhead and fly tying on my mind.... Can't wait to hook up with everyone at Mt. B. again this year...
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Tonight, one night only, at the Rogue Public house on 12th (or 13th) and Flanders NorthWest.....

Portland Bears Beer Fest. All are welcome.

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We're looking at a 7:00 P.M. starting time, too.

Viva El Caballo!
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Can't make it for beers in Ptown tonight. I'll be at Mt.B Wed. for an Adaptive Lesson over at The Sunrise Village side. Not much snow but good coverage on the runs. Any Bears are welcome to stop by. Look for a Sit-Ski and I'll be nearby.
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Aaaaaaaa.......my brain hurts.

Dead Guy!
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Yellow snow!!!
oooh, you bad...sooo bad!
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Good beer and good friends. See you guys in a few weeks.

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oooh, you bad...sooo bad!
It gets badder (badderer?) That Russian gal who I spoke to at the pub last night wants to go out for beer tonight and I've plans to go out with the "roomate" tomorrow. I'm glad Thursday is a holiday.
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One beer leads to another. I'll tell Azucar your status.


Oh, good luck.
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Since we don't have snow, let's plan another beer night out in Portland. Say December 9, 2002. I liked Rogue just fine but maybe there is somewhere else that y'all would like to go. Ideas? Times?

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Hmmmm.....how 'bout:

Magic Gardens
Dancin' Bare
Banana Joe's
Boom Boom Room
Club Cabos
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I'm up for December 9--if that gives Bad Rat enough time to work his jou-jou on the Russian or her roommate, you know, just something to report. And I'd vote for maybe the Bridgeport Brewpub on Hawthorne over by where Ryel lives, or whatever.
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BadRat, meth aint no good for ya, so cut it out! Work some mojo on those chicks and check in with us on December 9.

Sno'more you're on. Bridgeport it is, say 7:00 pm, December 9, 2002. Why don't you post the address so there is no question on the location.

Chime in Bears if you can make it.

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I'll be driving in from Whistler on that day, but should be back by 7P. I say it's a go for me too, especially as I now live not so far away from the Hawthorne Bridgeport.

Yeah, I'll have a couple of updates for you as well as a Whistler "action report". I don't expect that I'll being doing a whole lot of skiing there.

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Okay, gang, the Bridgeport Ale House is at 3632 SE Hawthorne over near where Ryel and Bad Rat live. That's the location we are talking about, right? There's another Bridgeport location in the Pearl (around the corner from where we got together last time), but this time we are going to the location in South East. Got it? 7 p.m., next Monday, December 9.

I like the looks from the Meadows webcam today. There is hope yet. Maybe Maddog's snow dance is doing some good.
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BadRat, only someone on meth, or maybe crack would post the bar list you posted. I had an employee shot in the stomach in one of those places years ago. I tend to stay away from the seedier side of things. I like my stomach.

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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
I had an employee shot in the stomach in one of those places years ago.
Why did you have him shot?

Okay, we can pass on the strip clubs. I recall there was a shooting or stabing at Star's not too long ago. I guess that kind of activity is to be expected when you allow full nudity (by the dancers not patrons)and alcohol to mix. Maybe that's the reason California law prohibits it. I'm now reminded of a couple of my former neighbors. Two young gals in that line of work. Cute, but man, major attitudes. Never spoke to either of them. Ahh, how I love rambling when I should be working...

See you guys on Monday.
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That's a long story, about a well-loved employee. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] Or something. Freudian slip, I didn't have him shot, I just wanted to have him shot. Sometimes good things come to those who wait.

I have to say that particular crew was to a man, dumb as a bag of hammers.

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Just want to say "thanks" for the good company and fun stories.

[ December 10, 2002, 10:02 AM: Message edited by: Ryel ]
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Good times! And a special thanks to Ryel.

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Yeah! Great evening.

Since we're planning to convene again this month, we should announce that now and maybe we can get a couple more Bears to join us. Remind me, guys, did we pick a place? Someone post the address/directions. (Right, no strip clubs : ).
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