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EpicSki Utah Gathering -- Full Event Overview

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When: Friday, January 31 — Monday, February 3

Where: Alta/Snowbird will serve as Gathering “headquarters,” but splinter groups are planning on going to Snowbasin, Deer Valley, or Powder Mountain.

Who: All EpicSki members, readers, and lurkers are welcome. (see list below)


Below is a list of housing options for Salt Lake City. While there are more options available, these span a wide price range and offer just about all available services. The budget-conscious should focus on Extended Stay America Inn, and La Quinta, and/or a rental home or condo. Those who are ultra budget-conscious should consider the Hostel.


Extended Stay America Inn:
Salt Lake City - Union Park, UT
Prices here are likely to be under $40 per night or $199 per week (note the weekly price break, which makes it very comparable to the Hostel for two on a weekly basis). There is no group discount. Rooms have a small kitchenette and there is laundry, etc. The Inn is much closer to the Cottonwood Canyon resorts than the Hostel. Most rooms have only a single bed and can accommodate only two people. The reservation desk said they have many rooms available during February. The hotel is supposed to be nice and clean.

La Quinta: http://laquinta.com/lq/reservations/property_overview/propertyProfile.do?ident= LQ803&propId=803
They have offered group rate of 49.00 per night per room (two beds per room), if we reserve 10 rooms. The rate is good for up to 4 adults or two adults and two children in the room. They do not have kitchenettes. Altaskier says it is a nice property. It, like the Inn above, is fairly close to the Cottonwood canyon ski areas. (The non-group rate is about $60 –80 per night for two adults depending upon the room).

Hotel Reservation Services:

Here is a link to the Salt Lake City Hostel. Rooms are about $15 – 45 per night; they have two full kitchens, laundry, etc. http://www.hostels.com/slchostel/index.html
They are right in downtown and would be close enough to all ski areas. The Hostel is near a ski bus stop. This would be an option for the very budget conscious. The La Quinta is cheaper for anyone willing to sleep 4 to a room.

Homes and Condos:




This one is mostly for Park City: http://cyberrentals.com/UT/UT.html

http://directory.google.com/Top/Regional/Nort h_America/United_States/Utah/Localities/S/Salt_Lake_City/Travel_and_Tourism/Lodging/





Free Ski Demos
Peter Keelty Demo Day:
This is still subject to final confirmation closer to the date, but Peter Keelty (owner of Tech Support for Skiers, and the provider of the best ski reviews around—see the reviews on the EpicSki Gear Info page) is very likely going to join us and bring his big truck of demo skis for us to try out. He would also be there to share his expertise and recommend skis. If this works out, he will be on hand Satruday February 1st. This event would have to be held at Snowbird, because Peter has a convenient way to run demos there.

The Ryan BBQ!
Don't forget to bring you worst ski outfits! I'm talking about neon from the 80's, fur, animal prints, stupid hats, and any other strange things that you might want to ski in. There will be a BBQ in the parking lot of yet to be determined resort, but will probably take place on Saturday, but could change.

Details here: The Ryan
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Thanks to jamesdeluxe for organizing the info above! [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'll leave this open for replies, but this is the pure info thread so just post specific questions or new info that is appropriate for the Summary Overview. Other stuff will be removed. Periodically, I'll move the informational additions into the main post above.
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Here is the website for bus / shuttle trans from slc up to all resorts, including Park City
They will pickup at the major hotels in the downtown area


I also have another source, a company i deal with often for Park City Transportation, from the downtown hotel i work at during the non skiing months. If i could get a count of how many wants to go to PC, during the the gathering, i may be able to work a deal. He has 2-10 passneger vans, a 9-passneger Suburan. He'll pick up anywhere here in Utah,and drive you anywhere. He is also able to pick up and drop off at the airport.
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Is there a current list of attendees?


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I just realized that when I went to add a new attendee to the list last week (it was a very long list at that point), I accidentally deleted the whole list -- and I have NO idea how I did that.

I am very sorry and not exactly sure how to fix this. Any suggestions? Maybe start a new thread asking for people to confierm/re-state their attendance plans -- I could promote that thread on the top of the forum home page to make sure people are aware of it.
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Skiers at Deer Valley can demo Rossi skis for free at the new Empire Rossingnol-Jans Sports Demo Center, next to the new Ruby Express at Empire Lodge.
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Too late to sign-up? Would be 2 of us! Where do I go to preview the details such as cost, groupings etc.

Sorry for the late notice.
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The Gathering is free, it's just a bunch of us getting together from all over the world (and other places) to ski. There may be a small beer levy placed for you to spend time with me, but that's understandable.

There is also The Academy, for which you can find out everything here...

Hope to ski with you in a couple of weeks,

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Has there been any discussion on where the first day will be? I have been asked to help set up the initial meeting place/time information, however want to make sure that this has not already been done. I will start a poll if this needs to be done. Are most people arriving on Thurdsday night and skiing Friday? Just let me know so I do not duplicate efforts.
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My understanding has been: Friday at Alta [choose the meeting place there, AltaSkier], and after that folks are on their own. Saturday Peter Keelty comes to the 'Bird with a load of demo skis, and I expect to get to DV sooner or later. In current [ahem] circumstances, the fastidious grooming at DV may be quite welcome.

EDIT: P.S. The Saturday night dinner is currently expected to be at Porcupine.

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I haven't heard anything about the Friday meeting place. Seems like Alta or the Canyons would be good choices, and if oboe and others have planned on Alta we can just go with that. Saturday should be at Snowbird for the Peter Keeltey demos (see other post). Let's nail a time and meeting place down now (maybe a time/place for breakfast and then a backup meeting time at the main ticket window for the stragglers).

I'll have EpicSki.com stickers on orange (Atomic 10.ex) skis, and I'll try to place them in an obvious place by the ticket window so people can spot them and identify me as part of the group.
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Altaskier, help us with this one: Where at Alta would be a good place for the first meeting on Friday morning?
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I am with the Alta Friday, Snowbird Saturday plan.

Whos the tour guide for Alta Friday?

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Meeting Day/Time: Friday January 31, between 8:30 and 9:00am. Lifts open at 9:15 or whenever they feel like it.

Meeting Place: Alta Ski Area, Wildcat lot, Cafeteria.

If you have never been there before, drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon, go PAST Snowbird, into the town of Alta (its small, no sidestreets). Park in the first parking lot, I believe there is a sign that says Wildcat Base. Find a spot, get yer stuff, and head for the chair lifts. Look up the mountain, she's pretty right? You will see the Wildcat Ticket Building, you can get your lift ticket here, but if you turn around you will see Goldminer's Daughter Lodge/Bar. There is a deck, with large windows. Go inside, towards the cafeteria. DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS! There are lockers in the area, I believe they are public. We shall meet in the eating area of the cafeteria. Its pretty small, should be difficult to get lost. PM me with any questions.
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So is the plan to eat at 8:30 (for those into breakfast) and head out to the lifts at 9:15?
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Originally posted by AC:
So is the plan to eat at 8:30 (for those into breakfast) and head out to the lifts at 9:15?
I just left a large time slot to accomidate everybody. Give people time to split into smaller groups and the such, plan meet back up times, visit, whatever. Plus, if its snowing, the line up the canyon can be long, and take a bit. Food there is not bad, but I have never had breakfast. And you can go to the lifts whenever you want, get there early on a pow day, but they don't run til 9:15. See you guys there!

Can we get this on the calander?
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Anyone up for Canyons on Sunday...? They've managed to keep things decent up there as well...not quite DV standards, but..I'd be happy to host a mini-apres-gathering at my new house nearby..

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I'll be at Alta Friday and Sunday. Hopefully well get some decent snow this week.
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Friday, Saturday at Alta/Snowbird sounds good. How about Thursday? Those of us arriving Wednesday will be looking for some action on Thursday.
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Thursday: Sol/Bright
Friday: Alta/Bird
Saturday: Alta/Bird
Sunday: Alta/Bird?
Monday: Deer Valley?

Don't worry about the snow and cold, I'm bringin' it with me from Augusta, GA. 15 degrees here tonight folks that's COLD!!!
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I'll be at Alta Friday as planned, probably Saturday at Snowbird to ski with the group. However, I will be watching these storms, and may head to Powder Mountian Sunday. As of right now, I'll be alone, but probably have a few with me. Plans may change as the weather does.

(fingers crossed, I'd like to get out on the Explosives!)
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
However, I will be watching these storms, and may head to Powder Mountain Sunday.
I could be easily talked into this...

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Mrs. Skicrazy & I will be leaving from Eagle after lunch today. Anybody need some cheap Colorado beer?
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I'll look for you guys at the wildcat base around 8:30-8:45.

I have a private lesson at 9:15-12:15 Then will be looking for you guys for at least a few runs.

All we need now is some more snow!
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