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will you ski Deer Valley

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For the Bears that are coming to Utah for the gathering.

Are you planning to ski Deer Valley?

Would you be interested in possibly having a special guest join the group for part of the day? Maybe Stein himself.

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My affirmative vote is assuming that (1) we get DEEP discounts on lift tickets and (b) Stein Erikson will be the guest joining us.
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Originally posted by oboe:
My affirmative vote is assuming that (1) we get DEEP discounts on lift tickets and (b) Stein Erikson will be the guest joining us.
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I will not rule anything out at this stage. I am relying on good judgement and sound advice from my hosts.
But without their advice yet, I shall ask 2 questions:
1. Is there good skiing in Deer Valley?
2. Is there good deer in Beer Valley?

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OH MY GOD! I'm soooo excited! We get to actually ski with MISS DEER VALLEY!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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TR, if you produce the St. Provo Girl, count me in! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I'm going to have to start collecting royalties on that photo...
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Well let me see what i can do about the St. Provo girl. She does work at one of the ski shops in Park City and attend school at the U of Utah.
As for that photo of the woman w/ cell phone. I seen here last year skiing under the Red Cloud Lift, she had her hands free set up on her cell, talking a storm up as she skied,er traversed across the hill. If i hadn't been in uniform, i would of love to thrown something at her. hehehe

Wear the fox hat
i think you would like the Empire Canyon on the western edge of Deer Valley.Only two groomers off that lift, the rest is natural, and yes there are some decent steeps, known as the Daly Chutes.
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I'm buying the first round if Stein skis with us. I'll buy the second round too if he has a fistfull of comps to pass out.

Is there really a Miss Provo? Maybe she makes tele turns.
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WOW! This is so cool!!! I arrive in Utah on 1/24. I was toying with the idea of spending Saturday at DV. Mark just told me not to sound so excited, though. He thinks I'll be teased forever! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by PinHed:
I'm buying the first round. I'll buy the second round too
Thanks, mate!

Now, let's not go there before the academy. If there really is a Miss Provo, I need to be used to the altitude, and have my skiing finely honed before she melts into my arms on hearing my accent...


You've got to have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?
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Deer Valley? I don't know...i've heard stories about their employees.

But yeah, I'll likely be there...
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Dont do it often but deer valley is a guilty pleasure.

AS to our guest, got to ski with steinback in the 80's (high school) before I realized what he really was to the sport.

Now that I have seen his Aspen Highlands exploits & realized what he is/was I would love to ski with him again.

Even before Empire Canyon was "opened" the far skiers right of the top mountain has always had & held the goods.
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If you do go to Deer Valley, be sure to pick up the Expert's Trail Map. Especially if you like tree skiing. DV has nice glades, and they don't get tracked out quickly.

My favorite memories of DV are having the place to myself when it was dumping about an inch an hour. It seems the native DV skiers head for shelter when snow starts to fall.
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It's true that many of Deer Valleys Guest just don't like to ski when it's snowing. The locals know this and for those few that do venture out on a Powder Day Deer Valley is a real treat.
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DV is a strange place. It has plenty of steeps and bumps and not many people skiing these areas. My best day happened after skiing 5 days with two really good skiers. On their final day my wife and I walked out to the car at the same time they left for the airport. It has snowed hard the night before and these guys asked where we were skiing. When I said DV they could not believe it. They lobbied for Snowbird. But I had promised wifely DV so DV it was.

The moral - DV had 12” of fresh and everywhere else had about 6”. I skied the moguls to the left side of Bald Mt. Till noon without seeing another skier or skier tracks. Strangest experience I have ever had. Every time I got off the lift I would ski my tracks out to the run and there, like magic, would be my last set of tracks on this perfect set of moguls all covered with fluffy new snow. Sometime after 12:00 a few other skiers showed up. I still think it was a dream! All that snow, all those moguls and nobody even taking a look! Wow!

I will always go back hoping to relive that experience.

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Today i talked to some one who works in the sales dept. at DV and in our conversation, i asked what it takes to get Stein to ski with a group. What he told me, floored me.
I won't go into the cost here. Pm me and i'll let you know. In short, not even with my employee discount, could the group afford him.

So i guess the queston is, will you still ski DV now that Stein most likley won't be meeting up with the group.
Sorry to of gotton every ones 'hopes' up

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Of Course I will!
Skiing is about the snow, not about some bloke, no matter how much he thinks he can charge. Although, I would point out that the privilege of skiing with me will cost you a pint...

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A pint? A pint?! Oh, you mean, per person, right?
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Yep, that's the idea, oboe.
You're starting to see things from my perspective.
Next you'll develop a conscience, then you'll have to quit being a lawyer.

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If I don't have any jet lag or altitude issues, and if I casn find a way to get there from Midvale using public transportation, I am definitely going to try to get there by Saturday the 25th. So, what's the deal about pre reserving lift tickets?
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