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I will just reiterate my offer to try and set up something at Solitude. It would be a wonderful place for the clinic and it would be easy to arrange for group meals, meeting space, etc. if people so desired. It has great cruisers, bumps, off-piste, and steeps (as well as back country access). In addition, the snow lasts A LOT longer than at Alta or Snowbird. Also, no lift lines. As I said before, there are also some great resources for bootfitiing and alignemnt that are joint with Snowbird (Superior Ski) so any changes you work on can continue if the venue changes to LCC and Snowbird/Alta for the gathering.

BTW, I already mentioned this to the owners of Solitude and they were very interested in trying to accommodate something like this. I don't have any quotes, but I could get something within a week for sure.
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For what it is worth I was planning on skiing at Solitude at least one of the days that I am there. So I am all for Si's Idea of having some organized skiing there. Also having owners interested in hosting is a plus. Fernie was much more enjoyable with having a slopeside host. However, with that said we must have at least 2 days in Alta skiing witht the Bears. Alta was the choice of those who came to Fernie. Therefore, we cannot now change the format in any major way.

My .02

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Since I've never been to Utah {"But I've been to.." Oh nevermind! [img]smile.gif[/img] } I wanted to ski a few different resorts. So its no big deal if we have the camp at Solitude and then the gathering at Alta. A heck of alot easier than going from Colorado to Utah.

And Ed is right. Even those of us not staying slopeside got the red carpet treatment at Fernie.
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If Snowbird's intermediate terrain scares you (truthfully, the Mineral Basin side *does* have some very good terrain for you), we should organize a splinter group to head to Snowbasin for a day.

Snowbasin has miles and miles of perfectly-groomed easy cruisers. It's like Park City or Deer Valley without the crowds, except that it also has a lot of terrain that will satisfy the hottest of the hot on this group.

Keep it in mind.

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Crowds at Deer Valley???
If you stay away from Northside Express, you won't have crowds. Ski off Mayflower and or Sultan,And you'll won't have the crowds. Granted those lifts are fixed grip triples, but who needs a highspeed quad.
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Hummm.... Jan30 or Early Feb..

I will get back with you if we can go or not.

I really want to go to Utah.
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I do not give a rats about the details as long as we drink and ski and laugh lots. Does anyone have the keys to the Snowbird boiler room? ... boiler rooms are always a comfy place to sleep. I need ski instructors rates. (which can be nil or the penthouse depending on the client)

End of Jan is fine for me. Excellent timing. I have a little urge to check out the Canyons and look up an old ski guru from a past life.

LM are you worrying already .... sheesh .... just DO IT ..... I will look after you if you save me a good seat at the bar.

It is my intention to attend the gathering.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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The less crowded dates are a plus, as long as the snow is there. It is my current intention to go, but with the change in dates, I'll need to re-check.
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I am setting aside some scratch from every payday now, and will go, but won't stay slopeside unless it's reasonable. The thousands I kept hearing about don't sound reasonable to me.

I can pick locks, Oz, so the boiler room sounds reasonable to me. I don't snore, so they won't even know I'm there.


You have already skied more last season than I have in my whole life (if I remember, you said about 40 days last year?) I probably have 40 days total in the 10 years I have been on skis. I spent 3 of those years not skiing at all due to one thing or another. Don't freak. You can ski anywhere if I can ski Mt. Bachelor. Positive vibes, man, positive vibes!!

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40 DAYS LAST SEASON???!!! In my DREAMS!! Heck no, I've only been skiing for 3 seasons. Altogether, I have skied maybe 40 days in my life, and the word KLUTZ was invented by someone who saw me on skis! Also, I always get a big shock when I go out west and get away from these measily New Engalnd trails! I also really, really hate narrow trails, and I've heard that the "Bird" is pretty narrow.

These are my thoughts: I don't mind the challenge, but if I have the choice of pushing my limits in a place that has snowboarders, and one that does'nt, well, uh, I think I'll take the boarder free place. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Another thought: Last year, we tried to plan a New England gathering, but it never happened. Every time we came closer to choosing a date and location, somebody came up with a completely different date and location. Right now, if you check out the polls, we seem to be leaning towards Utah, either last week of Jan. or first week of Feb.

Keep in mind this can all fall apart if someone does not take a definite responsibility for some aspect of it. How far is Solitude from Alta? Since Si is offering to be proactive about this, maybe Solitude would be the place for the camp, and Alta the place for the gathering. It helps that Solitude's management is open to the idea.

One last thought: Bonni, are you also taking the ski camp? If so, we will probably be a group of 2. How about we kidnap the instructor of our choice, and bring them to whichever resort we want to ski at on that day? [img]smile.gif[/img]

PS. Everyone knows I'm joking, right?
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I've heard that the "Bird" is pretty narrow.
The Bird is BIG, not narrow, unless you're skiing the chutes. There is a lot of cruising terrain. Big Emma and the lower chairs have fine intermediate terrain.

There's not a resort area in the country that doesn't have a large proportion of greens and easy blue runs.

How many do you think will show up, Lisa?
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Okay fine! I can handle anything if I have enough room to deal with it. Part of it is a city chic thang. I get closed into tight spaces enough when commuting to work. For recreation its, "Don't Fence Me In!"

As for how many, I don't know. Last year we had over 30 who said they we come to the Fernie trip. We ended up with only 10 forum participants, plus about 7 of their friends. But last year was a strange situation.
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Bonni and LM,

If I end up going the 3 of us can give comic relief .

I haven't skied for a long time and this year was the first time in 4(or 5) yrs. 4 days vs 4yrs.. gees am I sad.
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LM - I could work on that.
I have only been skiing 4.5 years - & my friends tell me that I look like the Thunderbirds when I try to move....

One of my instructors insists my skating (Alpine skis & boots) is great comic relief...

So if I can make it I will stick with you lot!
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Okay, here's how it will play out!

Bonni will speed down ahead of us, and maybe she'll fall.

I'll be moving slower than is humanly possible, but that's okay, cause I'll catch up with Bonni as she falls.

Disski and Snow Eagle will provide comic relief!

OKAY! Which of you very brave, masochistic instructors would like to take on our little group? [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Just talked to the folks at Solitude and they should have some kind of offer for us tomorrow.

Mark from Epic also called them? Who are you?
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Guilty as charged. There have been questions about the cost of lodging and I called John Johnston at Solitude to find out the lodging costs there for a group of at least 10 rooms for 7 nights with 5 days of skiing (the package can only include Solitude and Brighton lift passes for some reason). My thought is to make the lodging comparable to the Snowbird offer so that the comparison is as much apples to apples as possible.



I have a response to many of the recent questions already prepared but I will wait until we receive the Solitude offer to post.

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Mmmmmm Solitude. Great skiing! They just completed a very nice village area that has all the amenities. Much nicer than Snowbird in my opinion but then it all depends on what you're after.

Ski Solitude

[ May 28, 2002, 02:44 PM: Message edited by: Sugar_Snack ]
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I apologize for mixing you up with someone else! I wonder who I was thinking of! :

As for an instructor willing to take on this motley crew, he or she would have to have to be the best in the biz, cause we would be a handful! : I may not be in the clinics depending on how much $$$ needed just to be there to ski. (Keep in mind I am considering lock picking for my room while I am there...)

And what is this horse puckey about " maybe Bonni will fall?" : I will fall!! That is a given, and you can make bets on that. Any day I ski and Don't fall is a day I skied "safe", and chances are I didn't learn squat.

As for comic relief, yeah, why not? Whoo hoo!!
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Thanks Maddog,

My take on this is that people are pretty committed to Alta/Snowbird for the "gathering." Thus, I assumed the Epic Ski Academy would probably consist of 3-4 days at Solitude prior. That's what I orginally asked John and Scott to come up with a bid for. Whatever they give us I'm sure we'll be able to work from there.

Sugar_Snack, I agree with you, Solitude has a lot nicer village and more friendly feel than Snowbird. (It also has great terrain and no crowds, but not quite as extensive as Alta or Snowbird). While it doesn't have quite as many amenities, I think they would work hard to put some things together for us. Also we have the Silver Fork just down the road to work with as well (I am sure that Dan, tha owner, would be more than willing to put together a group dinner). Thus, between apres ski at the Thirsty Squirrel Tavern or at the hot tubs and pool in Club Solitude; a party at Last Chance Mining Camp (the day lodge/cafeteria at the base of the hill); a dinner at Creekside, The Inn, or down in the valley; and a dinner at the Silver Fork, I think we could appropriately feed and entertain the members of the Epic Ski Academy. Of course we would try to do this in an affordable way so that people of all budgets could readily participate.

Disclaimer: I have recently invested in a place at Solitude and love it there.

I also think that Snowbird and Alta have some of the best skiing around. However, I think we could really do the Academy in a very special way at Solitude - not possible in the same way over in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

For those who don't know the layout, Solitude and Brighton are about 14 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird and Alta are up at the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the next canyon South. Depending on traffic and how fast you drive on curvey canyon roads you can get between them in 35-60 minutes.
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I claim the "comic relief" group for a day. Ski with Oz. In an Oz clinic the basic things to remember are ... blue is up , white is down, green is sideways, the bar is at the bottom ... combine all four and we create art in motion.


I am deaf from sleeping next to noisy boilers (mmm lucky I left out the r). I will bring the wax and matches so you can pick the lock by candle light.

We could host the alternate "clinic" .... drinks in the boiler room ... mind the steps on the way out.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

[ May 29, 2002, 02:10 AM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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Can I join you guys in the boiler room?

I'll bring my sleeping bag & mat
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Nono - sometimes green is down - discovered this when I lost a ski after running into some snow gum bits. Sank to thigh- hmmmm very soft snow - instructor told me to stay still - after he pulled me up I discovered I was hanging in tree tops over a creek!
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Crap, you guys can sleep on my couch if your that desperate. Furnace room is optional. Bring beer.

When booking your reservations, lets say you stay at Solitude and want to head over to Alta. Its only 35-60 minutes pending weather. If their is an epic dump outside when you wake up, stay in BCC! Why leave good snow to go to more? And think about this, 60 minute drive to the other hill is still less than most resorts are to cheap lodging. (This is where I put my 4x4 disclaimer in) Solitude would be a great place for a camp, can I join for a day or so?
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Thread Starter 
Okay, all ski instructors can stay in my room. Really. I owe it to 'em for giving 'em so much grief. But, if they sleep in my room, I'm not waiving my rights to give them more grief.

So since ski instructors all starve (no wonder, none of them can ski a lick ), my contribution to the cause will be that I'll put up as many as I can in my room.

Okay, I'll buy beer, too.

Man. I hope this thing takes off. I'm not holding my breath though. Last year we had tons of commitments and promises then like 12 of us (fewer than that Bears) showed up.

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I'm just waiting to see where Zorro offers personal, hands-on $exual technique coaching for all female guests...

...can you say "lounge lizard"? :

I knew you could! [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Bonni and LM,

ROTFLMAO..... I admite I am a KLUTZ! but I am use to skiing with my hubby. I hope one of the guys(not woman ) will take off with my husband, maybe he will listen and learn to ski better with one of them.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:

...can you say "lounge lizard"? :
Lounge Lizzard

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:

...can you say "lounge lizard"?
Does "Leisure Suit Larry" qualify?

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