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Originally posted by ryan:
Great. Another cue for WeeWank. Way to go, Blo.
ryan - methinks you carry inherent bias against little people. If your there, let me know so I can lick your ears. You'd like it, it's like sexing up a carton of cottage cheese.

Sugar_snack or whatever - a female maggot? More legs to hump at Gapefest 2003.
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If Sugar and Lisamarie come, that guarantees you legs to hump.

It wouldn't be a Gaperfest without at least one midget, now would it?
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I just got out of a sales and marketing meeting, and there was much discussion about more accurately "branding" our company's product.

Is there a consensus as to how we should brand our event? Gapefest, Gaperfest, or Gapicalooza (or are there other suggestions)?

Maybe we should just forward this question over to the Maggots, and let them hash it out. They seem to be pretty resourceful about this kind of thing.
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"Utah Bears gathering" has been working for me. Something from the maggots would be less comfortable, frankly
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no thanks, the burned flesh is something that will overstimulate the midget.
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At what point are we going to get back to actually planning this thing?

Free the Midgets, my arse, free my goddamn leg!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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But why?

[img] .jpg [/img]

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Geez, Ryan. Way to induce vomiting.
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science, babe. cold, hard science.

EDIT: sometimes, of course, science is warm and soft. (and writhing.)

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I'm all for the midget tossing. I make good coin that way. A couple nights being tossed in a seedy bars fattens the wallet enough for a trip to the phillipines to score some cheap hookers. Sugar_snack = kumquat? A sweet treat begets the bitter fruit?

I little leg humping is not something to get upset about.

Love you leg, then let me love you leg.

"Utah Bears Gathering" is totally pathetic. Why not something like the "Gapic Alta Aristotilian Orgy"? That would be cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet.

LM - I bet you've got nice gams, whatever that means.
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Originally posted by Midget:

I little leg humping is not something to get upset about.

Love you leg, then let me love you leg.

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Hmmm... and I thought I might have missed some essential planning details in the two or three weeks it has been since I last checked this thread....
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Here ye, here ye.

The Gathering of the Bears is now officially less than 6 months away.

Who can say for sure that they're coming?

1) SCSA and 1 guest
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As of June 5th, this was the list:

2) oz
3, 4) Lisa and Mark
5) Bob.Peters
6) Maddog1959
7, 8, 9) Powdigger and Associates (I haven't heard from him but I'm assuming he's in)
10, 11, 12) AltaSkier, AltaSkiette and AltaSkiFriend
13, 14, 15) slider and company
16) BobY
17) ryan
18, 19) milesb and Mrs. milesb
20) oboe (don't forget your medication )
21) Si
22) jamesdeluxe
24) Bonni
25) gonzostrike
26, 27) The SkiCrazy's
28) BobMc

I'm still in. If I can help anybody out, please let me know.
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Whatda got against the red car ryan?
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Nothin'. Except the way they have ya unload outta that one.

And blue's my favorite color, don'tcha know.

Hey. What's the name of the trail under the last of my blue period tram shots? Looks steep and lovely-crunchy.

[ August 17, 2002, 10:01 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Unloading that way adds sport.

I suck with trail names, but judging by the trail map, I'd say thats Mach Schnell.

ryan, I'll be in LA (Chatsworth) next week, wanna grab a beer?
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I leave for Austin tomorrow, back 8/10. Check your PM.

[ August 02, 2002, 12:48 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Done deal.

I'm Inn @ the 'bird from the 29th till the 4th.

I think I'll just hang-out at Snowbird/Alta for 5 days. Looks like my kinda place.

Better make your reservations now if you're planning on staying in the canyon - they're goin fast.

see ya!

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Ryan (and AltaSkier):

That's Great Scott, very near the top terminal of the tram. And it's almost always bumped up like it is in your photo.

Mach Schnell is a bit further down - pretty much begins at the end of the Cirque ridgeline.

BTW, AltaSkier... I made some turns last Friday on Teewinot Mountain in Teton Park. Ruth and I combined a hike/climb of the peak with a little skiing on a small remnant snowfield. The snow was just to the right of the two towers in the center of the photo on this page:


The snow wasn't anywhere near as nice (or long) as Wolverine Cirque, but we had fun [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Thanks Bob, like I said, I'm pretty bad with trail names! I'm working on it though.

Great Scott, isn't that the one in "Better Off Dead?"

Anyway, glad to see you are still skiing, I'm jealous (and full of envy)! See you soon.

For all you other Bears, has anybody else booked lodging for this trip yet? Need any help finding a place? Is this gonna happen?
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Boy, I wish I could break away to join the Bears in Snowbird! You will have a fantastic host however! I just got word that Maggie Loring has been named Ski School Director! An awesome choice and a first class person! Have fun and say hi to Maggie for me....
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snowboarderless bumps...

[ August 17, 2002, 10:02 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Hey SCSA! Whats up with your PM's? I can't even reply to the one you sent me.

So for this trip we officially have:

2) Utah Locals

Anybody else book anything yet?
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I did PM SCSA about staying in his chalet that he was talking about, but no reply. I can't afford to go and pay the single supplement, so unles I can get something sorted out that means a bed to myself when I want, and doesn't involve people I might kill, then I'll be there. Flights are cheap enough. Now, is it Snowbird & Alta or what? I'd be going for 2 weeks.
If I don't book within the next couple of weeks, it won't happen for me.

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Book your flight, that way your stuck coming no matter what. Stay in the valley, there are a few extended stay hotels in Sandy that rent by the week, also look through this thread, there is some info about cheap hotels in the Midvale/Sandy area that would work out great. I guarantee that somebody else needs a bed to stay in. They just have to come forward still. I'll look around some more and see if I can come up with some better deals as well. If you stay in Midvale/Sandy areas, I'll give you a ride up the canyons at least during the weekends, and maybe sometime durning the weeks. But the UTA bus picks up along the main routes and will drop you off in front of the ticket offices for any of the Cottonwood Canyon ski resorts.

I'd offer up my spare room, but I may be renting it out pretty soon, so I don't want to commit to anything.

I'll keep a look out for better deals in the valley. For everybody.
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How cheaps cheap for those flights you mention, and which website are you using fox?
Cheapest I could find was 326GBP from Manchester with a stopover on opodo.co.uk. Which sounds reasonable, but still too expensive for me.
(look how cheap I am )
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That's around about what I was getting quoted from London! I consider that cheap, cause I once paid around £1000 to go to Denver in the summer (OK, work paid it, not me!)

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