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Risers - are they worth it?

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I am looking for some feedback on whether risers actually make a difference. If so, how much are they.

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Only if you put your skis on edge. People who tend to ride a flat ski and use rotary to initiate their turns usually find them to be less useful.

I've seen them for as cheap as $10 (US), depending on the brand of binding. Most bindings these days seem to have some sort of lifter built in.
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What Mike said... but there is a huge difference between a plate and a spacer riser that provides lift only. The race/carving plate will provide a free flex to your skis as well as extra rebound and vibration dampening. On all of my skis i use a race plate, as well as a spacer riser on top of the plate, inorder to get the added benefits of the plate and the extra leverage and height of the lift. If you do not ski with your skis on edge, all of the above are worthless, just like was said above, but if you ski with your skis on edge, carve a lot, or decamber your skis in your turns, the lift and the plate will offer a huge performance increase.
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It really depends on the skier, skis and snow. If you put too much lift on a ski and you're technique is not ready for the results you'll end up with a ski that feels wobbly especially in deep snow. On the other hand, if you don't put risers on a ski (especially fatter ones) you will have a harder time rolling the ski on edge. For most people I'd recommend the standard lifters provided by the binding manufacturers and nothing more. If you race or ski lots of hard snow you might want more lift. If you spend time in the terrain park or ski mainly off-piste you might want less lift.
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Seeing as I will be skiing this season at Kirkwood CA, but then travelling home for the Aussie ski season, how much of a hassle is it to take the risers on and off? is it something that would be possible to do frequently, or only one or twice a year? I will most likely be skiing on a pair of Atomic Stomps with the freeride 4-12 adjustable Atomic binding if that makes any difference...

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Leave the standard lift, you wont notice a difference without it.
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