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New Snow!!!

I am going to Meadows Thursday 4/18. Anyone up for skiing? Let me know if yo can go!!!
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Ski Mt.B Friday 4-19. Any one up for it. PM me.
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Looks like Bonni has settled on 5/15 as her day at MtB. Seems that fits both bong and BobY's schedules also. If you guys commit to 5/15 I'll try to make it.
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I'll really try to have that day open for a Bear Ski Day. Today was outstanding, Summit was killer powder and the lower half of the Mt. was excellent for screaming arcs on the groom. Attention, Spring hours are in effect. 7am till 1pm. La-Ta.
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Ya'll are so nice! I don't do powder (chicken -but willing to learn), and I am still unsteady because of the surgery, but arcs on groomed have me getting giddy. If anything, we can meet after the lifts close.

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I am going skiing anyway. Meadows Sunday 4/21. Anyone available? I'll be with the wife and friends but we're easy. Post to let me know!!!

I wear black pants, and unless its cold, white shirt/t-shirt (if cold I wear a black and yellow Helly Hanson shell), chrome giro helmet, sun glasses, and Rossi Bandit X skis.
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You bet! Wife said sunday is a GO! Looking forward to seeing you and the family sweep big arcs.
frs 7-35
or just bark like a happy bear!
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PowderJunkie/Bonnie/Slider/Bong/and any other Bears -- The fifteenth will work for me. I just spent 3 days at Bachelor and concur with Slider's recent report -- still some good skiing to be had. Slight correction, though -- the lifts open at 7:30 rather than 7:00. I caught the Masters' Super G and GS while I was there -- pretty fun to watch and great snow conditions. I'll probably ski a few days around the fifteenth, so I'll be happy to ski with anyone else planning to be at Mt. B either before or after the 15th.
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Ski Bowls last day is Sunday 4/28. It is customer appreciation day and the cost is $0. I may go if the weather is anything but rain. I would like to ski the steeps in the Upper Bowl at least once this year.

Let me know if you have plans or...
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Hi Oregon Bears,
May 15th works for me too. I plan on bringing my boots and renting Ski's. Any suggestions to rent high performance ski's at Bend or in Salem??

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Rent your skis in Bend on Century Drive. Todays conditions @ Mt.B are 21 degrees 1" new w/ a 130+" base and clear. : See you on the hill 5-15. Lifts open @ 7:30. Check your rentals for a fresh tune.

[ April 27, 2002, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: slider ]
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So, who will be there on the fifteenth for sure? Time for me to make definite plans if we are still meeting, so let's firm up the place/time and folks present. Looks like Bonni, Bong, Slider, PowderJunkie -- anyone else?

I was up on 5/3 and there is still lots of snow from midmountain down. Upper ridge lines are bare lava rock. It was downright chilly at 7:30, but nicely warm by around 10.

Bong -- your best bet for rentals is probably at Skjersaa's Ski & Snowboard, 130 SW Century Dr, Bend OR 97702-1049 (541)382-2154. Let me know if you need lodging rec's -- I'm familiar with all the cheaper spots if all you need is a clean room.

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I will be down also. Probably come down the night before and stay at the best western on the road up. Mrs hasn't decided whether to go yet.
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I'm planning on being there on the 15th. Slider had suggested bottom of Pine Martin at 8am on one of the other threads. Sounds good to me. Probably "slide for life" conditions before it corns up anyway. I expect I'll be meeting one other friend from Bend as well.

Let's concentrate the planning on this thread rather than scatter around "my one day ski trip", etc.
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The 15th it is. Bottom of Pine Martin @ 8AM works 4 me. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Bottom of Pine Martin, 8 am, I will be there if I can find it.

BobY: I am going to be looking for a clean sleep on Tuesday night also. Would you send me a link to the best in your opinion? Nothing fancy as I doubt we will get there till late. Something clean and quiet.. Thanks a bundle!!

I'm home till Wednesday, and then we're outta here, so

See you the 15th!! :
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Pine Marten is the chair out of West Village - the only base area still operating at MtBachelor. It is the chair pictured on their web page. Also check the map on the web page for location of West Village and the chair.

Others have suggested the Best Western on the road to the mountain. My personal preference is Mt Bachelor Village Resort but I'm biased. It's where my condo is.

[ May 05, 2002, 07:30 PM: Message edited by: PowderJunkie ]
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Thanks for the map, and you may send the key to your condo to..... [img]smile.gif[/img]

Pine Marten looks like a good place to try out my new foot. All I need now is a sunny day, or at least, the lack of pelting rain and winds. Wish for that, and I will see you soon. :
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2" of new @ 20 degrees this morning @ Mt.B.
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Originally posted by slider:
2" of new @ 20 degrees this morning @ Mt.B.
Yeah, I was just looking at the web page. Bet that temp makes for some real crunchies today.

Bonni- Key is in the mail (they rekeyed the entire complex last week so my key doesn't work any more). Margaritas are in the fridge.
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Man, PowderJunkie, you are after my heart.

Keys to the condo

Margaritas in the fridge

2" of new

Let's hope the old key works, there is salt for the margaritas, and the snow holds for a week!!
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Boy do I feel dumb...The Best Western changed their sign...no longer BW now just Entrada Lodge
(1-541-382-4080) The only BW is downtown. When I spoke with the desk person she said they only had two guests with rooms for over 100. Business must be really slow right now. Any ideas (local guys) on whats' happening with 7th mountain (I heard they sold) and Entrada Lodge? Whole lotta shakin goin on.

BTW (OOPS: I see we meet at the bottom.)

FRS on 7X35 unless someone tells me different.

[ May 07, 2002, 07:50 AM: Message edited by: Ryel ]
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OK, for what it's worth, here's my take---

When with my wife/daughter, who want a slightly nicer accomodation, we usually stay at either the RiverHouse or Shilo Inn -- mainly because we get their rooms on the river which are pretty nice.

When I go strictly for business (read: to ski ), I have stayed at the "downtown" Best Western to which Ryel refers, the Red Lion South (there are 2 within a few blocks), the Super 8. They all run about 50-60 bucks for a single room with whatever discount you can finagle (AAA etc.). Of those, I favor the Best Western because it is clean, quiet, they have a marginal continental breakfast that lets me grab some sugar for the drive to wherever I am headed for real coffee, and it is quite convenient to downtown (i.e. BEER).

The Entrada Lodge has always looked pretty appealing to me given its proximity (relative) to the mountain. I've always been leary, though, because it never looks as though anyone stays there. I've not stayed at either Inn of the Seventh Mountain or Mt. Bachelor Village -- both look nice but are a bit pricier than I'm usually looking for.

I'll probably stay at the BW for this trip, unless others are highly motivated to coordinate at some other location. I'll probably be in Bend from Monday evening until Wednesday afternoon in the event that anyone wants to share some turns on Tuesday as well (or beverages).
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Best Western for Ging and me, and I doubt we will be there in time to do anything but sleep (too many things scheduled!)... so we will see you on the mountain.

By the way, I have not checked the Bachelor weather report for fear of jinxing it, but friends in Spokane had 3" of snow, which is unheard of for May, and other areas in Washington have had snow, too.

Prophecy fulfilled, now, about those margaritas and the key.....

I'm out of here! Later!
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Bonni- Aside from the skiff of snow the last few days the real concern is the record low temperatures. For at least the third day the temperatures this morning are in the teens at the mountain. If it is still that cold next week we should meet in the lodge for coffee at 8am while the "asteroid field" softens up. Check Sugar_Snacks "how I broke my body" post.

Ryel- From talking with Bend friends in real estate I believe the Inn of the 7th Mountain has been sold/bought. Although MtBV picked up a few worried customers around Xmas time I think it was just induced panic. I talked with several folks on the lifts around the same time I don't think they ever really closed their doors. Obviously the last thing ANYone wants is for a hotel/lodge to be turning away guests...

Next week....
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I will try to get online and check this thread out on Tuesday to see if things have changed.

Asteroid field? We don't need no stinkin asteroid field! :

[ May 08, 2002, 06:57 PM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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PowderJunkie --

You're dead on -- at this rate it will be mighty hard. Last week, the lows were only in the upper 20's and it was darned hard. But you know what our spring weather can be like -- could be 55 and slushy next Wed. AM (though I doubt it...)
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Word has it that Sat. 5/11/02 the tempreturte will be in the 70's. Of course today 5/10/02 it's snowing on the hill and low 40's in Bend. Don't know what to expect Wed. but we will be at the bottom of Pine Martin @ 800am on Wed.
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Skied today @ Mt.B, great spring conditions. On the snow at 9am, the upper part of the mt. was a little hard but within an hour everything softened up. Good groom skiing with a firm base underneath creating plenty of speed if needed and off piste was pretty good too. There were no rocks showing except on the ridges. I'd give it an 8 for spring skiing.
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I am ready slider, but it looks like I will have to wait till the Memorial Day weekend. I think I will pull the boat out Sunday and start skiing on the melted stuff.
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