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I'll be up there. Pick a channel I'll bring a radio too.
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I expect I'll be around all day Monday and possibly another day later in the week.

How about 12-10? We can move toward the front side of the mountain around noon to be in range.
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SCSA is considering the Bach for May 3, 4, and 5.

Now, this is assuming the whole mountain will still be open. If not, can't make it. If so, probably count me in. So, maybe we can postpone the meeting till I get there?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SCSA:
So, maybe we can postpone the meeting till I get there?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I expect we'll go ahead and meet Monday. And do it again in May. With the amount of snow on the mountain and still coming down we should easily make it through May. There's always the question of whether the summit will open or not. That's a function of the weather at the time, not the snowpack...
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Hey Paul, your not going to be impressed by Oregon "facilities" at Bachelor. You better plan on staying close by and enjoying the brews at Deschutes brew pub. Anywy...let us know and we will try to show up...even if we can't keep up!
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Hey now, we're all Bears - we ski together!

I'll let you know. See how things go here, but right now, I don't see any reason why I can't make it out.

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Bear alert! May 2-5 @ Mt.B. Skiers that show up have a chance to use or be used
by assorted equipment of destruction. Sit-Skis, 3-trakers, Bi-Skis & the Death Sled. I built it myself. Liqour will be provided prior to and after useage of said equipment.

<font color="#0000FF" face="Once in a while">Hope to see you
all there</font><font color="#0000FF" face="Times New Roman">.</font></p>
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If Mrs. SCSA is fine with it, I'm there.
May 2 to 5 it is!

Check back later tonight.

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A plan for Monday, 3/25:

For those who will be at MtB early meet at Bill's statue at 10am. I expect I'll have my radio on tuned to 12-10 all day. Listen for BobY to hit the snow around 1 to 1:30. Meet BobY at the statue too???
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I'll bring a radio 3-25 and listen for ya. See you at the statue @ 10. Big Guy.
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I'll be there 3/25 and will hook up with you guys after I contact you by radio. Don't plan to wait for me anywhere -- I don't want you to waste ski time if I get held up for some reason. Slider, I think I still have your cell phone number in my phone. I'll give you a call if I can't reach you by radio and we can arrange a meeting time that way.
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I'll be at Bachelor as well sometime during the May 2-5 range, probably the 2nd and 3rd. Should be great spring conditions by then...

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I have been called out of town on the 25-28 of March. Eugene. Sorry I'll miss you guys. However, the 2-5 of May I will be with SCSA so by all means I will be on the hill with him then. Oh and BobY look out for that lift chair bar, some people don't tell you when they bring it down.

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And then there were three. Since we all have radios I expect that will be the means of getting together. If the Summit is open I expect I'll be up there. Otherwise in the NorthWest.

Slider, I'll look out for you around Sunrise tomorrow if I get a chance.

And I expect I'll be there on either May 2 or 3. Other commitments the rest of that weekend. Be interesting to try a sit-ski.
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Oregon Bears:

I am new to this forum. It looks like the family will be over at Bachelor this week. We are leaving Wednesday the 27 the will stay through Sunday. I would love to meet/ski with anyone willing. You can find us in the Bachelor main parking lot. We will be camping there in our 1983 Sportscoach III motorhome (off white with large blue stripe). We park about 5 rows back from the tubing hill in the motorhome parking area. Look us up before or after skiing, or at lunch. I’ll try to bring a few extra lawn chairs.
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Sounds like fun MD. Make these bums post a few pictures...ya never can see these guys. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I'm out for May.
Busy as heck now - but that's a good thang!

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Good times at MtB this weekend. Thanks to PowderJunkie for showing me the best snow on the mountain. Sorry to BobY if you were there. I tried to get you on the radio but couldn't receive a clear signal in return.

Spent most of my time with family. My hips are sore from a lot of snowplowing. I have become the designated family photo and video event recorder. Shooting video while skiing forward and backward was a new challenge. Really glad I got those twin tips.

I spent a lot of time with a 10 year old beginner. I didn't give him a lot of instruction. I just let him run wild. The kid is a total "spaz". I had a lot of opportunities to teach a lot of skiing etiquette. He picked it up pretty quick. We skied all over the mountain. He was hitting the jumps in the terrain park. I took him on a Summit bowl run just to keep him humble and to give him something to talk about at school. Then we dropped down to OutBack for a Bushwacker bump run. He was becoming more teachable with each change of terrain on that run. I have a renewed interest in the sport from the perspective of teaching someone else.

I am still open to more Bear meetings on the hill this season. I am thinking about taking this kid back up to MtB on Sunday the 7th. I will be camping near Black Butte for a mtn bike gathering.
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Missed you guys. I couldn't get a clear signal on the radio either. I was up Monday by around 1:30. By 3:30 I realized that a fall I took at Copper a week before had done more damage than I initially suspected. I actually bagged skiing the next day and had some much needed tweaking of my boots done, as well as an excellent base restoration and stone grind done. We all just played in the snow today, and I was ecstatic to see beautiful corn snow forming at the Edison Butte Snow-Park. The spring season is looking better and better. I'll be up at Bachelor again next week, though the dates are not yet established. Love to hook up with you guys sometime soon...
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Sorry we missed you BobY. DD and I had some good runs including the "radio hunt". I cut out at about 2:30 to catch the bus.

There should be some great corn on the top of the mountina well into June. I know I'll be up the weekend of Aril 20-21 and am thinking about a couple more days before that (although the corn can be great I get a little depressed when spring comes). Keep in touch, we should still be able to connect.
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Ahhh, spring...

Well, it is still good up there, guys -- I spent 2 days at Mt. B on 4/4 and 4/5. At 9 am on the 4th there was a nice inversion going -- 50 degrees at the summit!! Despite the warmth, the snow was nice, fast spring stuff -- didn't get too warm until around 1:30 on the 5th. Not quite t-shirt weather, more like vest/long sleeve capilene weather. Lots of exposed rock beginning to show on the high ridges, but everything from mid-mountain down remains well covered. Hopefully the return to our normal weather patterns today will firm things up a bit -- maybe we can hope for a little more snow before the season is really over...
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I'm planning to be up next weekend (4/13-14). Maybe 4/12. Ski and cycle. Will you be around? I hope the weather is good for some backside velvety spring corn...
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I'll see if I can make it on Sat. 4/13. If weathers good. 930 @ Bill's statue work? I'll bring a radio on channel 11. Sunday 4/7 freezing level at 4,500 ft.
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Works for me. I've got a friend in Bend I'm trying to get together with too. I'm hoping to spend the day exploring the south side. More next week.

PS- Did you see my "award winning" pisture on the MtB web page? "Bill's Vision". You can see the plume curling over the cornice from the southwest winds.
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I check out your picture. See you on Sat. Am.
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Hey y'all:

Anyone skiing a Meadows this week, april 11 or 12? How about this weekend? We may be driving the Motorhome up for the weekend. Let me know if any of the Oregon Bears will be around. I would like to meet a few of you before season end.
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Greetings, Maddog1959 and Welcome to the asylum!

I'm planning to ski Meadows tomorrow (Thurs. 11), as long as it's not raining up there. I should be there at 8:00 A.

Other posibilities include, Skibowl on Fri night and Meadows either Sat or Sun.

Would love to meet! Anyone else?
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Hi Oregon Bears,
I'm going to be in Salem from 5/07 through 5/24 and hope to ski with some of you. I'll be busy with my niece's graduation the weekend of the 18th, but would like to hook up with OR Bears on any other days I'm there if possible.

Edit for spelling errors

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I would be up for 5/11 or 5/12 at MtB.

Maybe we could get the MtHood and MtB contingents of Bears together? I'd prefer MtB but would make the trek to MtHood if that is the preference.
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Hey Bong --

Looking forward to skiing with you again! I'm actually working the weekend that PJ suggests (and during the week before), but am pretty much wide open from the 13th through the 19th. Let's definitely plan to hook up sometime that week. Let me know what works for you...

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