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Cool truck. No wonder you're always late.

I thought you might bring the pants along, just to tease some folks. Hey! A new item for your website?

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There's been a Marcus Welby sighting.
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SCSA, Just wait till next year. Don't make me get a pair for you. I can pick a pair up at Dick's Logging Supply for you. Can you say Cauk Boots, Crummy and Cull.
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Originally posted by Bonni:

I have one question: Who is the Weeble on the far right??
Nonsense Bonni!

What is that wolf doing attacking you on your left?!!

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Since body position plays an important part of dissecting photos on the forums, notice the space between Weeble and Rat. Conclusions?

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I guess you're just not sweet enough for him!

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Great Truck Slider, I want a ride!!

Here's a link to more pics from the Oregon Bears gathering on 5/15.



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Anyone going to Bachelor for Memorial Day? I think we will be there for the weekend. I would love to meet up with anyone willing to go. We will be staying in the parking lot in a motorhome. Maybe I should bring the bar-b-que and some beer? Me thinks that would be a good idea!!! I will post again when I know the exact days.
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I may not be sweet, but there are some who like spicy just as well......
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I finally got around to putting a few pictures from the gathering on the family web site. These are pretty low resolution. I'll probably replace them with some a little better resolution in the next few days. If there are any you would like high res copies of, let me know. Some of the panaramas are 12 MByte files.
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[quote]Originally posted by Bonni:
Who is the Weeble on the far right
Ha! I guess you just need to start skiing with shorter people [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, gee, Wally, the Village People went to Mt. Bachelor!

Thanks, Slider! You be :

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Anyone going to the Oregonian Ski Fever and Snowboard Show, Nov 1-4?

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I'm planing on going. We'll stay in touch, eh?
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1. we're changing the Oregon Bears to the Oregon (somthingelsethatsoundsbetterhere)

2. im only 13, does that matter? i want to ski in a group, but i like hitting the parks too
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If 13 is your age then naw it don't matter, but if its your IQ, we must be twins seperated at birth. We're mostly just dumbass lumberjacks out here who don't know nothin' anyway. Best get your moms OK to ski with the degenerates herein.

So, you ski Flachelor and like steeps, oxymoron anyone?

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im only 13, does that matter? would explain why you're called "Pocketrocket".

Tell ya what, sonny. You come up with a better name for our group and we'll just call you "Stumpy" for the sake of brevity.
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Here's something better than the Oregon Bears.
Oregon Highlanders

I dont like "flatchelor" no fun, except backside and park.

I dont want to be called "Stumpy".

I finished lessons 2 years ago, A-F.

I ski 163 K2 Enemies.
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Oregon Highlanders, hmmmm, well if you bring the Scotch, I would agree to any name change you like. Otherwise, the Oregon Barking Bears has a name tie in to this forum. Get it!?

You lost me on the lessons. What does A-F mean? Remember I have never taken a lesson, thus limiting my ability to blame others for my skiing failures. Drat!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] :

If you are keen on skiing with us old farts, we did get together in various groups last year and will likely do so again this year. Probably best if you join in when there is a large number of us old farts, so that after you ski our legs off we can go commiserate together in the bar.

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Wow, hard to believe that was ten years ago! hope everyone is having fun playing in the snow.




Hey Bonni, no more!

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