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Oregon Bears gathering?

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Anyone interested in a meeting-on-the-hill for Oregon Bears? I am open for Mt. Bachelor or Mt Hood.

Please understand I am risking the humiliation of exposing my weak skiing ability, but I think it would be fun.
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sure, it would be fun to get together and enjoy some tall tales and blue groomers...maybe even a green here and there.
Shall we wait for it to stop raining and let the fog lift or is Bachelor the only option left this year?
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I'm in. Just name the mt. and the time. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'll be at Mt.Bachelor next weekend. Or pick any other weekend and give me a couple weeks notice (condo in Bend and my equipment stays there). I'm willing to go other areas but as a Colorado transplant I can't take the wet on Mt. Hood.
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PowderJunkie....I'll hook-up with you next weekend. Say Sat. 1/12. PM me and well set up a meet.
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I'll PM later in the week. Now that I'm committed I have to do some family logistics negotiation. Maybe some of the others will join us too. We should invite those poor Seattle Bears who skipped out on meeting at Crystal this weekend. MtB is a little far for them but the probability is it will also be drier...
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If you guys are open to it, I might be able to make it next Saturday. I am going to start making arrangements to be there next Saturday. If we hook up great. If not no big deal.

I have good negotiating leverage. My wife will be out of town the last 2 weekends of January. By default that makes me the most responsible person to take care of the household and kids. So I will not be able to do any recreational activities those 2 weekends.

Side Note: I skied the at Willamette Pass on Friday. They have done a good job building a terrain park and half-pipe. Even though I only skied a half-day, I left feeling like I got my money's worth with the terrain park and half-pipe. It was a fun way to rest and finish the day after doing a lot of bump runs.
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I'm planning on Saturday (1/12). My current plan is to be on the mountain early but I expect we should set multiple meeting times. I would prefer to avoid the Pine Marten morass if possible, at least at the botom. How about meeting next to the statue outside the Pine Marten restaurant (top of the lift). Then we have flexibility of skiing the front side, going over to the Outback or cutting all the way to the Summit lift.

9, 10:30 and noon?
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I'll be at Bill's statue at 10:30 AM on Saturday 1/12.
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I can't make this weekend but I'll be with you in spirit.
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If you are looking for a central location between the Bend area, the Portland area & the Eugene area then the obvious choice is Hoodoo. Every time I skied there I had the stereotypical Oregon ski experience with wet snow & misting fog that saturated your clothes. Their old slogan was 'Steep, Deep & Cheap' though there was some dispute over what they were deep in.
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10:30 at the statue. I am shooting for being there at 8:00 because I have to pick up my 5 Day Pass. I will probably spend Friday night at some relatives just outside of Redmond.
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Skied Mt.B today. Lots of snow and decent conditions. See ya all at the statue at 10:30 on Saturday.
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My family is opting to spend the weekend in the Beaverton rain. I'll be at the statue at 10:30.
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Snow Friday and clearing Sat. w/ a 3000ft. freezing level. It's going to be good.
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Dirtydown and I met at the statue at 10:30. Slider was smart enough not to make it. After a few runs in blowing...stuff DD decided to hit the road early to beat the rush. Af ter he left it really started to blow. I lasted another hour but decided to call it a day when the "high speed" quads were running at 1/4 speed and still bouncing against the wheel guides at each tower.
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I hoped you guys would understand I had coffee at the main lodge till 11 am and left for home. I'll be up there all this week. From Monday on. Drop me a line when your going again. Damn weather.
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Slider- Considering the weather I wish I had joined you.

I understand they closed the Pine Martin chair a little after 1pm because of the wind. Would have been about the time I got off of it.
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Hi all Oregon Bears...

I'm a recent transplant to Eugene and skied my first two days at Bachelor on the 1/14 and 1/15. Yikes!! Hard snow, much windpack, nearly what I consider icy conditions (and I grew up skiing in the northeast!!). PLEASE tell me that this is not typical -- I've heard only good things about the mountain in the past...

Also, where do you folks prefer to stay when skiing Bachelor?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BobY:
Hard snow, much windpack, nearly what I consider icy conditions (and I grew up skiing in the northeast!!).<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You hit MtB after 15 days of no snow coupled with high winds (chairs closed early due to wind on 1/12) and some extreme rime conditions last weekend. The upper mountain, if open, often has layers of ice coated on the the rock. By spring the Pinnacles are usually just large blocks of rimed ice.

Favorite places to ski at MtB? My family spends much of its time on the Skyliner Express. Graduating to Outback. If the Summit Express is open I find the Pinnacles area is usually good. Best snow requires a little climb. Otherwise I'll ski in Northwest (Northwest or Outback chairs) to avoid any crowd and usually find some snow.

I'm a trasplant from Colorado and have been skiing MtB for four years. I expect I'll be up over the weekend of 1/26-27. Anyone interesting in a gathering?

I think I missinterpreted your last question and you were looking for places to stay. I have a condo in Bend Mt. Bachelor Village and stay there. Before buying it we stayed in several places around Bend and Sun River. Closest to the mountain is Inn of the Seventh Mountain. I prefer to be a little closer to Bend. I also selected Bend over Sun River becuase I'm the one who gets to do the drive from/to Portland and I wanted to save another 30+ minutes each way.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ January 18, 2002 03:00 PM: Message edited 1 time, by PowderJunkie ]</font>
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1-26 I'll mark my calender. Stay posted for a place and time. Big snow on the way this weekend.
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Thanks PowderJunkie. I suspected I was experiencing unusually poor conditions, but I'm really looking forward to getting on the mountain with some fresh snow. Depending on the results of this weekend's storms, I may be up again on 1/23 and possibly next weekend as well.
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I'm there too! I'm currently in the middle of job interviews and could use some time on the mountain.
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When we stayed at the Inn of the 7th the employees said that a new company had just bought the place and they did not even know if they were going to stay open. The place really showed the lack of committment and leadership and we concluded that the next trip we would stay at the Best Western just down the road.
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Last weekend I road the chair with a couple who were staying at the Inn. They had booked the room the night before and got a great price (at least they thought it was great. Despite reports over the Holidays that they were closing their doors and they seem to be cutting prices and staying open.

You going to join us next week Ryel?
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01/20/02.Mt.B..14 inches last 2 days with 3 of that in the last 2 hours and snowing upside down. How about at the statue on Wed. 02/23/02 @ 10 am? I'll be there.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by slider:
How about at the statue on Wed. 02/23/02 @ 10 am?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It's possible but doubtful. I'm leaning toward Thursday because it looks like there might be a little weather break. Not that I mind skiing during the storm (I prefer to get it while it's fresh) but this looks like a big storm and they are only running three chairs today according to the web site. I'll keep checkin'.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ January 20, 2002 11:44 AM: Message edited 2 times, by PowderJunkie ]</font>
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Ahh... lots of snow. I'm planning to be up on either 1/23 or 1/24, possibly both, as I have to go to Bend to pick up my car anyway. I forgot to mention -- after my first less-than-optimal experience at Bachelor last week, I encountered a surprise rock slide coming around a turn on Hwy 20. Took out half my exhaust, a transmission crossmember, my gas tank, and I can now directly visualize road conditions under my car from the inside!! Geez, good thing I'm addicted to this sport...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BobY:
Took out half my exhaust, a transmission crossmember, my gas tank, and I can now directly visualize road conditions under my car from the inside.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sounds like you could apply the old Fred Flintstone braking technique!
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I encountered a surprise rock slide coming around a turn on Hwy 20. Old "Hog Rock" got another one. Both sides of the Santiam Pass road are known for it's rock slides. During warm-ups(temp.)and wind. You are now an experienced Mt. driver. 18" of new today and still snowing @ Mt.B!
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