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Exertoys for summer

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Got three dynadiscs and a foam roller from this place http://store.yahoo.com/exertools/
Seemed like a pretty good deal. They had a special with 3 disks for $49.99 and a combo roller for $13.99.

Stuff came yesterday and I unpacked it. My 2.5 yearold kid loved jumping around on the disks. Wife thinks I'm wierd.

I did a little bit of standing on the disks and rotating the ankles; then I did lot's of stepping and jumping between disks. That's why I bought the three pack. It sure does look silly but it's kinda fun and it feels like a pretty good workout for the lower leg. Wife watched and thinks I'm even wierder.

Next time I'm doing a standing dumbbell workout; I 'll try it on the disks. It's a lot harder to stand on them then I thought. Don't think I'll be doing any front squats for a while.

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COOL! If you do a search on this forum for dyna disc and foam rollers, you will find a bunch of topics, some with exercise pictures! [img]smile.gif[/img]
Have fun!
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I'll be looking for a BOSU and digging out my roller blades soon. My bike is just about ready to go out on the road too. (just did some upgrades)

Hopefully I'll bump into some of my ski students at the park on blades. Several of my students thought the idea of putting some tennis balls on their ski poles and skating around the park would be fun!
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