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Lange RS 120 SC with Zipfits?

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I'm currently skiing in a pair of Lange RS 120's in the short cuff version. Best boots I've ever had (after some tweaking) but still have a bit of heal lift in the left boot.  I was thinking about trying some zipfit liners as I've read that they are great for holding the heal, but then remembered that my boots have the short cuff.


Has anyone tried an aftermarket liner with a short cuff.  Will the liner protrude too far from the shell or interfere with the buckles or booster strap?

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the zipfit will work just fine in that boot (well the numerous ones we have sold have never been a problem)  the only way to find out for sure if it works for you is to try it in the shell, the short cuff is only about 1.5cm shorter than the standard height 

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Hi LPass,

The ZipFit will do a great job in securing your heel.  It is the most durable liner and is effective in in creating containment.  Before using, heat the liner and the shell to around 150 degrees.  slide the boot on with footbed inside your sock (so it doesn't reshape) and wear them aroud 20 minutes, standing and flexing, to establish shape.  The L pads around the heel can be aggressive.  They break in with time.


Bob G

BootDoctors, Telluride

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Thank you both, I appreciate the help.  Bob, I'll most likely find a shop near my neck in the woods to be properly fitted in a zipfit liner.  I'm in Connecticut though and may have to travel a bit to find a zipfit dealer.  I can probably do it myself as you described, but I'm not even sure which model to buy between the Gara and the World Cup.  The good thing is I have plenty of time before next season lol!


Thanks for the information. Looking forward to trying them out.



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Hi Louis,

The Gara is a little thinner, WC a bit fatter.  So WC takes out more volume.


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I guess it depends on how much volume I need to fill.  I'll have to try on both and see which works better. Thanks again for your help!

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