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What length Axis X should I get?

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I think I've made up my mind (unless there is a strong sentiment against me doing so here) to get the Axis X's.

I'm a 19 year old coming off a pair of 170 Rosi Cross Cuts (pieces of crap, but when you poor, that's what you get). Now I have the money and I'm curious on the length.

I'm 5'9, 150 lbs. I know I probably SHOULD demo, but I live in Minnesota, and don't really wanna blow some money on demoing...

I'll probably be going to Utah and Whistler this coming winter and am a lower to mid expert. I take blacks in both utah and whistler, but nothing overly extreme.

I prefer the trees to the cordoroy.

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oh, and does anyone know any good places online to buy these skis?
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I have never skied the K2 that you refer to, but given your age, ability, height and weight, I would recomend something in the mid to upper 170's. Just my opinion though.

One of my skis that I spend the most time on is a 177 (Salomon 1080). I'm 5'11", 170lbs, expert. Talk to a shop though, get multiple opinions. If a local shop offers demos, ask about getting the price of a demo knocked off the price of a new pair of skis. Most shops I have dealt with will do such, but not advertise it. You will be thankful you tried before you buy.

Other skis I would recomend would be the Volkl G3, the Rossi XX and Salomon Xscream 9.

Try e-bay, I've seen some good skis on there for faily good deals. Also, as strange as it sounds, best place I've bought skis is at the resort in the off season. Picked up a few pair for 50-60% off.
Good luck!

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Wow, thanks for your quick reply. I checked on ebay and didn't see any at the moment, I'll check back.

I'll also call up one of my local shops and see what they can do for me...
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I work for K2, so check out my sizing advice in my first post in "AXIS X or BANDIT X".

Generally, I'd say either 174, or possibly 181 if you are very long legged. But my first impression from the stats you gave is 174.

Finding new on line will be difficult, but I'm sure within the next few months, some used stuff will start finding it's way online.

I'll let you know if anything falls in my lap in that length.

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looks like 174cm would be good choice,try www.skiandsnowboards.com,or kitsap sports.com ,or www.skidealer.com. I have seen some good deals on new axis x on ebay keep looking they will come around there were some with buy it now for less than 400.00 last week.good luck if I see anything I'll pm you,good luck.
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Wow, you guys rule. I think I'll be hanging out here a decent amount.

Any thoughts about the 2003 model? As in is there anything slated that's supposed to make this already rule ski that much better?

I'll do some decent research, and probably buy at the end of the summer or in the fall.

I'll post another message later this summer about them.
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VSP- I repped for K2 this year at Eldora. Are you the one who stole my order from my step brother at Vail???

To answer the original question I would go shorter. I'm 5'10 180 and ski a 160 cm ski. If I was at at a Vail or Whistler I might go a little longer, however, a shortie is mighty versatile. The only disadvantage is that off the groomers it does have a speed limit. On cord I can still get on down the hill fairly quickly.
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Hey Rusty-

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My prefernce would be the ski at 181 am 5'8" 155 9 percent bodyfat. I like the ski at 181 but in the mouguls a little shorter wouldnt hurt. I love my Fischer Race SC slalom ski's at 160. So it depends on the type of ski as slalom ski's are much stiffer and do great at short lengths. So unless you have skied the Axis X you really cant recomend as some ski's do better at shorter lengths because of various factors. I have been sking the K2 Mod X (same ski as the Axis X they just repainted it and new name) in 181 for 3 seasons now, the ski works very well out west with decent float and very good in the east busting through crud. If you did get the shorter lenght at 174 i dont think you will miss much but i like a little longer lenght for real speed running, I like to go fast. From what i heard they have redesigned the Axis series from what i hear for 2003. Cant wait to demo the new stuff.
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Yeah, speed really isn't my thing. I don't really crave it, although I was carrying my GPS last year and it was amuzing to see that my topspeed was 59mph. I know that's not 00ber fast, but for somebody who really doesn't like speed, it's fast.

My parents weren't to happy bout that either...

I think I had to straightline a botom of a bowl at whistler so that I wouldn't have to trek back up at the botom...

UGH, I'm having a hard time deciding what I should do, if I should just by the 2002 for 450, or if I should keep waiting, or what!

I just don't want to end up paying 750 for the 2003 if it's not worth the extra 300 in performance (i can't imagine it would be)
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Check out the Peter Keelty site for information on the skis of your choice, notice that he has multiple years of reviews on line, see below:


So, now that you are informed about the 2002 v. 2003 skis, you can make your choice based on real information. Buy cheap and ski more. Equipment is less important than ski time. I skied for years (1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s) on straight skis and had a great time. I never have skied on the most modern equipment, sacrificing modernity for ski days. I would not have it any other way.
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www.k2skis.com has a sizing chart that gives righteous recs.
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hmmm, thanks guys for all the help!

I really wish I understood the language that explains ski's better.

I have no idea what a damp ski is, other than I can imagine it means it's not stiff.

I've only skied 2 pairs of skis in my life, so I really dont have much to compare to. I did ski one ski for a run, but that hardly counts...

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A damp ski vibrates less. Well I guess it does not vibrate less....one simply feels less vibration due to the dampening. So, in theory, on hard snow it will chatter less and "feel" a little softer.

I think one can go plenty fast on a shorter ski. I think one has to remain on the middle of the ski and keep the ski on edge at higher speed.

I still stand by my earlier advice to buy the ski in a 167.

As stated, I repped for K2 last year and a "short" Axis X makes for a vert versatile ski.
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I have a pair of new Axis X Pro's if ur interested? They are still in the plastic and I want $400 for them. They are a 181cm. Let me know.
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I have a pair of new Axis X Pro's if ur interested? They are still in the plastic and I want $400 for them. They are a 181cm. Let me know.
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I'm 6"1' and 180, and a pretty good skier (I recently passed the PSIA level 3 skiing test). I had K2 X15s (more or less equivalent to an Axis Pro) 188 and they more WAY too stiff and unmanageable. I had to sell them at a huge loss. After 3 miserable days with them out west, I rented K2 Mod X (similar to Axis X) at 174 or 178 and they were perfect. Many of the newer skis are designed to be skied much shorter, so doncompare them to what you might have skied from evem 3 or 4 years ago.
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