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Great to hear. Did you have only meniscus tear of did you have knee reco as well ? How long did you wait from injury to surgery ?


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Mine was about 9 years ago, so I was in my early 60s. My meniscus tear was small and in the vascularized red-white area so my doc took one stitch in it and it seems to have done the trick. I was religious with my PT and I think I was back on my road bike on the flat about two months post surgery and then rode all summer. Still riding and skiing in my 70s with no pain. Good luck.

Actually I got the answer to the question from your previous post. Sounds like you did very well specially having a knee reco in your 60s. My main worry is the meniscus damage that I have. I have a large tear in the medial meniscus and an incomplete tear in the lateral one and that is in my opinion much more of an issue than the knee reco and recovery itself. That is why I was asking you about your experience and you mentioned that you had a meniscus tear as well.

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I had a full ACL allograft. When the doc had the scope inside, he saw the tear and did that too - a little bonus. My tear happened in mid-December at the first ESA at Stowe (I came to every one after that) and the surgery was early February. Back on the bike by April.
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