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It would be difficult to summarize the nightmare of my ACL/meniscus surgery 10 years ago.  Briefly, I had an ACL repair (healing response) followed by inappropriate (now I know) immobilization and physical therapy; after 9 months a more or less salvage operation to remove extensive scarring (went to a competent surgeon this time); another year of physical therapy and no skiing. I had to make my own diagnosis of arthrofibrosis and then find a specialist who knew what to do.


This successfully surgery for arthrofibrosis, which was a result of the first surgeon's incompetence, bought me ten years of good quality of life, including being able to work part time as a ski instructor as well as ride horses competitively.


Now I am facing another crisis.  I was hit at a clinic last December; a hit and run, I might add.  It's taken ten months to even get a diagnosis.  I have been in increasing pain and have been impaired even in my ability to walk.  It's looking like it's osteoarthritis.  All these injuries, and I would count almost a year of inappropriate PT as a major culprit, have damaged my joint.  It would be hard to describe the pain.  I am very doubtful about skiing this year or ???


BE CAREFUL about your selection of a surgeon.  My surgeon #1 was extremely skilled at self-promotion.  If the surgeon is arrogant, run. I was essentially told it was all in my head and that I just needed to work harder in PT!  Unfortunatly, I did work hard, for 9 months.


The first surgeon told me "nothing is wrong with your knee" for 9 months.  It was loaded with arthrofibrosis.....The scarring had started within weeks of the first surgery.


I might add that my other knee is fine, so it's not wear and tear now. 


I am not ready to give up skiing but I may have no choice.